Everyone deserves a chance at Vale

A LOT of rubbish has been talked about our new manager since last Saturday’s defeat at Crewe.
As disappointing as it always is to lose to the trainspotters, the reaction of some fans has been over the top to say the least.
The team, which had performed to a certain system and was motivated by a certain management style under Micky Adams, is undergoing transition.
I don’t subscribe to the view that Micky left at a time when his luck was running out and the team was on a bad trot. In my opinion, Adams would have got this team promoted.
As it was, he left at possibly the worst time for the team and just as the anti-board protests were gathering momentum.
There is a palpable sense of uncertainty hanging over the club which must affect the playing staff. The sooner it is resolved the better.
Like any club, we have our share of young players and those who thrive on confidence.
Losing Micky will have been a big blow to the players he brought in and to those who require an arm round the shoulder rather than a rollicking. I am thinking specifically of the likes of Gary Roberts and Rob Taylor.
I’ve expressed my admiration for both lads many times. They are exactly the kind of creative, exciting players Vale have been lacking in recent years.
Taylor’s wing play and goal, and Roberts’ industry and craft in midfield are key to this team. We need goals, and they will come from width and having a playmaker in the centre of the park.
One of Adams’ strengths was that he was able to squeeze an extra 20 per cent from some players while working miracles with the likes of the previously troubled Roberts.
Jim Gannon’s style of play will be different and it will take time for the players to get used to it.
I like players to be passionate and so I’m not going to castigate Roberts for showing his frustration at being substituted.
I think the new manager is long enough in the tooth to handle such displays and savvy enough to realise that Roberts is a quality player in a squad that isn’t overly-blessed with creativity.
The bottom line here is that we, the fans, need to give the new manager time, while he knows he needs to give his players a chance too.


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