Back to the future for Hanley Town Hall

I was chuffed to bits to see a picture of Hanley Town Hall in today’s paper – particularly because the event was an overnight ghost-hunt involving my mates Denholm Siegertz from BBC Radio Stoke and fellow Sentinel columnist Fred Hughes. Yours truly is partial to a little supernatural sleuthing himself and recently spent nights at The Leopard pub in Burslem and The Regent Theatre and Victoria Hall up Hanley. For me, the Town Hall is a key plank in the regeneration of the city centre and we have to find a suitable use for it as soon as possible. You never know – when (notice the word, when) the new bus station is finished, when Bethesda Chapel’s refurbishment is completed, and when we finally get our act together and start to display the Staffordshire Hoard properly at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery we may actually have a Cultural Quarter worth the name. If we are stuck for a new purpose for now-defunct Hanley Town Hall, I’m pretty sure the ghost of the original owner of the grand old building can point us in the right direction. It would certainly make a splendid, high class hotel once more – the like of which our city is distinctly short of.


One thought on “Back to the future for Hanley Town Hall

  1. Damon Simms says:

    I couldn’t agree more; we have not only a great city but also a unique one that we should be proud of. Granted, there are a few rough edges that need sanding down but the foundation, the history, is second to none.
    If you don’t believe me take a trip through Gladstone pottery where time stands still with the pleasant smell of aniseed in the air still used by the fine hand painters in their small Victorian workshop and the faint sound of the old water mill engine room shunts like a marching army in the distance.
    With beautiful open spaces and vibrant night-life, we don’t need to go far to find for our own, individual paradise. We just need to look: It’s all around us.

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