A little humility from Gannon wouldn’t hurt

I’VE had just about as much as I can take of Jim Gannon’s bizarre logic.
Not one to jump to conclusions, I was prepared to give him time to settle in on getting the job. After all, everyone deserves a chance.
But after a couple of months of his bull-in-a-china-shop approach to management, I’m afraid I’ve had enough.
Tragic, isn’t it. We are two points off the automatic promotion spots and the subject dominating many people’s thoughts – and making national newspaper headlines – is the strange behaviour of our manager.
In interviews he sounds plausible enough, but having spoken to staff, players and   fans, I can’t find anyone who has any time for the bloke.
He seems to me to have alienated the entire dressing room, exiled the coaching staff he inherited and failed to build up any kind of rapport with the supporters.
This nonsense on the bus to Aldershot last week just about sums up Jim Gannon’s managerial reign thus far.
If Vale had been a Sunday league side such an argument would have been sorted out over a pint.
So what are we saying? That two grown men both with an established footballing pedigree can’t find any common ground for the good of Port Vale?
So what if Geoff Horsfield or Mark Grew aren’t as badged-up as Gannon would like? He should be playing people to their strengths, not just shoving them to one side.
The players obviously get on really well with Grewy and Horse and, having spoken to several ex-pros this week, that counts for an awful lot in terms of motivation. Let’s face it, we could do with some of that right now.
Another thing with Gannon is that it’s never his fault, is it? Either the players are rubbish, his staff are under-qualified or the fans are undermining the team.
Well, I just don’t buy it. I think Gannon’s people skills are sorely lacking and, in my opinion, his inability to relate to his employees at the club or the supporters is causing real harm.
What’s more, I just can’t see him changing his ways either.
On the plus side, though, at least he signed Tom Pope.
I’m chuffed to bits that a fellow Sneyd Greener is playing up front for the Vale and I sincerely hope we can hang on to him come the summer.
But, as for Mr Gannon, a little humility would go a long way right now.

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