Action on smoking gets my vote

Never mind all this Nanny State nonsense and all these people bleating that they don’t want to be told what to do by the Government. When it comes to tackling the problem of smoking, I’m glad Whitehall is taking further action – just as I was thrilled when the ban on smoking in public places came into force. Non-smokers (most of us), people with children and asthmatics like me were at last able to go into pubs, restaurants and cafes without having to suffer the consequences. Brilliant. Under new legislation, from April next year tobacco products will not be able to be displayed in shops. This can’t come soon enough for me. As well as the incredible cost inflicted on the NHS by smokers, think about the lives that could be saved if we make smoking as unfashionable as drink driving. It’s a brave step by the coalition – which will doubtless hit the Treasury – but it gets my vote.


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