The jury’s still out for me on gaffer

It’s the ultimate dilemma for a football supporter: how to act towards an unpopular manager who is getting results.
I took a bit of stick last week for having a pop at Jim Gannon – with some fans accusing me of trying to deflect criticism from the board and undermining the team at this crucial time.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
I defy anyone to defend the gaffer’s people skills during his first couple of months at Vale Park.
The bottom line, however, is that Gannon clearly isn’t one for compromise or finding common ground and I can’t see him changing his tune anytime soon.
Thus we are stuck with a bloke who has all the subtlety of a Neil Aspin penalty area clearance but who may just oversee a promotion – the foundations of which were undoubtedly laid by his predecessor.
The question is: at what cost?
It strikes me that since the Burton game the lads have been playing for each other and it is this, along with their fantastic rapport with supporters, which has kept us on track.
This bunch of players have, for the most part, been on a developmental journey together and have forged a remarkable bond through adversity.
They’ve been placed on the transfer list en masse, had potential takeovers hanging over them for what seems like an eternity, lost a manager they came to admire greatly and watched the club commit PR gaffe after PR gaffe.
Yet here we are, with 12 league games remaining and they are right in the mix – still handily placed for a crack at automatic promotion and, barring a disaster, fairly safe bets for some play-offs action.
It would be wrong of me to suggest that the manager is playing no part in the current decent run of form.
With the exception of the freakish result against Stevenage we’ve been performing well and played some good football and that change of style is entirely down to Gannon.
If he remains at the club for any length of time – and that’s always a big if with any manager – then I can see Gannon turning us into a decent passing side.
But he shouldn’t expect roses and violins just yet because many supporters are reluctant to forgive him for his treatment of players, staff and fans.
The truth is, the jury’s still out for me and thus I’m focused entirely on getting behind a decent bunch of lads who are working really hard to deliver the dream.


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