Not such a Wacko idea, Darren…

I was chuffed to bits that someone I met last year through Stoke’s Top Talent is attempting to learn a living from his undoubted ability and devotion to his musical icon. Darren Cyples, from Burslem, has been working on his Michael Jackson dance routines for almost two decades and let me tell you he is awesome. Not only does he look the part and have all the Wacko Jacko garb, he has the King of Pop’s mannerisms and moves down to a tee. I remember speaking to Darren at the after-show party following the final of Stoke’s Top Talent at The Regent Theatre. He was disappointed not to have won but I told him not to give up. Now aged 38, Darren, who actually works for a taxi firm, is trying to earn a living as a Michael Jackson tribute act thanks to encouragement from friends and family. Good luck, mate. You deserve to succeed.


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