Courtesy costs nowt

I never cease to be amazed and disappointed at how rude and thoughtless some people can be.
Supermarkets car parks are, in my experience, a magnet for the lazy and the selfish.
As a dad with two small children I’m very often on the receiving end of other people not giving a monkey’s about their fellow man (or woman).
Take the people who park in parent and child spaces – when they don’t have small children (or any children) in their vehicle.
They are presumably so lazy that they simply can’t walk an extra 20 yards to the supermarket entrance and would rather take up a space reserved, for safety’s sake, for people with young children.
Their brass neck takes my breath away – it really does.
Then there are the drivers of rather more expensive vehicles – BMWs, Mercs and Range Rovers etc., who deliberately park over the lines of two spaces in order that no-one can park too close to their pride an joy.
If supermarkets want to improve customer service they should start issuing fines for the child-space thieves and the line-hoggers.
It seems to be the only language these people understand. Common courtesy simply isn’t in their vocabulary.


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