A week to forget as takeover bid hots up

Last week I had convinced myself that this season, which had initially promised so much, would simply peter out into mediocrity.
However, it seems the soap opera that is Port Vale continues to churn out ever more embarrassing plot lines – many of them off-the-field.
I’m not going to condemn the three players who are the subject of a police investigation following an alleged incident outside a nightclub.
There are plenty of people only to eager to sit in judgement and write off the careers of these lads amid the current pall of negativity currently enveloping the club.
What I will say, however, is that the very fact that any of our players are out clubbing at a time when they should be solely focused on tomorrow’s must-win game away at Torquay speaks volumes.
It seems that, like many supporters, some of the players have simply given up hope of making the play-offs.
There is clearly a void in terms of respect and discipline for both the club, the management and the fans in some quarters.
I will not attempt to defend the indefensible but I don’t believe this kind of behaviour would have happened had Micky Adams still be in charge.
Troubled souls like Gary Roberts were being properly shepherded and nurtured during Adams’ tenure and that stopped abruptly under Jim Gannon.
Not only are a number of our first-teamers now unfit as a result – some of them were simply cast aside and, as a result, have lapsed back into bad habits.
It’s a crying shame for them, their future employment prospects, and for the paying public who have stuck with this group of players through thick and thin.
I only hope that when a new manager is appointed he doesn’t throw the baby out with the bath water and that the talent that some of these individuals obviously have is recognised and can be properly nurtured.
Meanwhile, Mo Chaudry’s decision to reduce his initial investment to £580,000 in an attempt to get round the stumbling block of the 24.9 per cent share ownership rule is a fascinating development.
By joining forces with businessman Mark Sims – the former joint owner of club sponsor BGC – Chaudry may finally have outflanked the board.
Having initially offered him the opportunity to join the current board by investing a smaller sum, the directors will find it tough to justify blocking Chaudry’s latest offer ahead of what promises to be a tempestuous EGM.


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