It’s no fun being a Vale fan right now

You have to have a pretty thick skin or be fairly philosophical if you’re a Vale fan at present as lots of people in the Potteries who have never shown an interest in football before suddenly adopt Stoke City as their chosen club.
In stark contrast with the Potters’ Wembley success, yours truly actually gave up any hope of us making the playoffs a couple of weeks ago.
That may seem a tad defeatist – and I’d love to be proven wrong – but I just can’t see us scoring the goals to get us the three wins and a draw we will probably need to be sure of a top seven spot.
So, if I’m right, it’ll be a top 10 finish and a very miserable month of May for the black and white half of the city (ITV please take note).
I don’t care what anyone says, we were incredibly unlucky to have lost Micky Adams when we did.
We didn’t know it at the time, but if losing Adams was the sucker punch then the subsequent appointment of Happy Harry was the killer blow to our promotion hopes.
There was little point in bringing in a new manager when Gannon left as it would have risked further de-stabilising the squad during the run-in.
Meanwhile, off the field, the situation seems to be deteriorating by the week.
It’s basically civil war among Vale fans now. You are either anti-board/pro-Mo Chaudry or you’re not.
Those who aren’t in the former group are lambasted as blinkered happy clappers, puppets of the current board or worse.
This is a shame because there are doubtless plenty of Vale supporters who may be unhappy with the status quo but are undecided about Mr Chaudry’s proposals.
In contrast, there’s the Black and Gold campaign, the Mo Chaudry petition and the Starve ’Em Out campaign.
Not forgetting, of course, the charming send-offal-through-the-post-to-upset-the-directors’-wives mob.
To be fair, the board do themselves no favours as it seems to have taken them an age to respond to the latest overture by Chaudry and Vale fan Mark Sims.
When they do, I suspect some reason will be found to block this investment offer which will ratchet up the tension level even higher.
All of this means that I’m dreading the inevitable EGM, because I know it will descend into ranting and personal abuse – irrespective of the outcome of any vote.


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