We should all calm down, dears

The furore over the Prime Minister’s “calm down, dear” jibe at Shadow Treasury chief secretary Angela Eagle makes me smile.
It is yet another example of both the double-standards in politics in this country and the willingness of the PC brigade to leech away at anything vaguely humorous.
Ms Eagle said today in an interview: “I think when you are the prime minister, that kind of behaviour to women members of the Commons isn’t exactly what you’d like to see, is it?I think there have been a lot of women very annoyed by it.”
Surely only those who don’t have a sense of humour, Angela.
She ought to try working in a newsroom.
Here’s the thing… This remark, which apparently echoes a well-known car insurance advert starring Michael Winner, was said during Prime Minister’s Questions.
As anyone who has listened to PMQs will know, the exchanges on the House of Commons often involve knock-about humour.
Indeed, banter and wit (I use the term loosely) from both sides of the floor is the lifeblood of these short, sharp and often brutal sessions.
David Cameron’s retort may not have been the funniest thing anyone has ever said in Parliament but to cry foul and be offended is a bit rich – considering that all parties are equally guilty of this sort of yah-boo politics.
Labour seems to have lost the General Election, lost the plot and now lost its sense of humour too.


One thought on “We should all calm down, dears

  1. I agree that it was all a storm in a teacup but it probably worked in Mr Cameron’s favour as it distracted the headlines from the real issue of an ill-concieved NHS policy in crisis. As for humour, if your press office needs to explain to people you were being humorous, perhaps a career in comedy is not for you.

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