Micky? I’d have him back tomorrow

The fans’ forum message boards are rife with rumour that Micky Adams will soon be returning to Vale Park.
Having accepted the hospital pass of preventing his boyhood club from being relegated, I was as shocked as everyone else to hear he’d been given the push by Sheffield United.
I genuinely thought they would let him rebuild over the next couple of years.
Still, their loss may well be our gain…
There are a minority of Vale fans who call Adams a traitor, believe he sticks up for the board and shouldn’t have left when he did.
I take a different view. One could can argue with some justification that the appointment
 of a manager at this juncture – less than three weeks before a crucial EGM – would further rock the boat.
Some would say it is also unfair of the current board to attempt to appoint a manager when they may not have control of the club after June 1.
Vital as it is that the current board of directors is removed and that significant new investment is found I don’t believe this should preclude us from re-appointing Micky Adams. That is if he wants the job…
Micky Adams is a very good manager (and a decent bloke). He is also his own man and certainly no-one’s puppet. He is perfectly capable of navigating his way through the minefield that is the takeover battle.
I believe he would have seen us promoted automatically last season. He gave our mediocre squad the belief in themselves which equated to an extra 20 per cent in terms of performance.
Frankly, I would have Micky back tomorrow.

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