Hope returns in the form of Micky

Can you feel it? It’s that thing again – that intangible something which makes you look forward rather than backward.
It’s called hope, and it returned to Vale Park yesterday in the guise of Micky Adams.
At last we can now see beyond the sea of red and white, the FA Cup hype and the bandwagon-jumpers.
We can start to look beyond the division, the sniping, the phoney war, the lies and the leaflets full of flannel.
Micky has returned and nobody can convince me that this is in any way bad news for the Vale.
Forget the nay-sayers. Forget those people who said it would be inappropriate to appoint a manager two weeks before an EGM. Forget the takeover scenario. Forget Micky’s failure to save the Blades from relegation.
Micky Adams is the best man for Port Vale. End of story.
I defy any right-thinking football supporter to deny him the opportunity to manage his boyhood club.
The tiny minority of Vale fans who call him disloyal (and worse) for taking the job at Sheffield United ought to have a word with themselves.
I believe the vast majority of Vale fans – irrespective of their views on the current board or Mo Chaudry – will welcome Micky back with open arms. And so we should.
It is testament to the job that Adams did before he left Vale at Christmas that we were still within touching distance of the play-offs after a disastrous run in 2011.
Had he stayed at Vale I am in no doubt that he would have continued to wring that extra 20 per cent out of the squad and seen us promoted automatically.
Now he’s back and with a three year contract I am guessing he is of a mind to finish the job he started.
I renewed my season ticket yesterday and spoke to plenty of people up at the club.
The buzz around the place was infectious. Each and every person I talked with was over the moon that Micky was coming back – from the admin staff to the coaches and the players.
This isn’t about papering over the cracks or providing the board with a human shield against criticism.
We all know that the club needs significant investment over the summer and Micky’s return doesn’t change that.
What it does do, however, is significantly increase the chances of Port Vale getting promoted next season.
Usually a manager arrives at a club with little or no knowledge of the squad.
Micky knows every single player at the Vale which should make the decisions over who is released and who comes in over the summer a damn sight easier.
There are no guarantees, of course, but Micky is coming back to a club where he felt valued and where he was allowed to get on with his job without interference.
He’s a good manager, a charismatic leader and a decent bloke and once again the most important man at ST6 1AW.
Long may he reign.


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