Our Roy deserves so much better

The word disgrace is over-used these days but it is the perfect way in which we should describe the Sproson statue fiasco.
Literally thousands of Port Vale fans, including yours truly, have forked out to have a statue erected in honour of the club’s greatest servant – Roy Sproson.
This should be an issue on which there is no dissension. All true Vale fans should simply want this tribute in place as soon as possible.
Yet here we are again with the club throwing spanners in the works.
Contractors turned up today to be told they wouldn’t be allowed to start work.
Why’s that then? If the powers-that-be at the club had any problems with the plans (which the board has approved) then these issues should have been raised last week when representatives of the Sproson Fund visited the chief executive and updated him on the progress of the scheme.
Let’s be clear: This statue should have been erected last summer.
The board and everyone else at Port Vale should be bending over backwards to get this statue up as soon as possible.
Instead, the powers-that-be are again throwing obstacles in the path of something which will be a source of great pride to all supporters.
They should stop dishonouring Roy’s memory and pull their fingers out. They should stop hindering and start helping.
And why they are at it, they should do everything they can to enact the will of the majority of shareholders and get Mark Sims on to that board of directors as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “Our Roy deserves so much better

  1. tony boult says:

    Martin, as the founder member of the Roy Sproson statue project words fail me. Please can The Sentinel print this column? Tony Boult.

  2. Mike Winsford says:

    They are a disgrace to our club and to the people of North Staffordshire. They have put obstacles in front of the statue organisers and fund raisers at every stage. They should not be running our club, or, should I say ruining our club?
    Mr Bratt and co., go now. You are not wanted by the majority of fans and shareholders.

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