Tell me why the Vale board still remains

I’VE run out of adjectives to describe the goings-on at ST6 1AW.
As if the EGM wasn’t bad enough, now we have more shenanigans regarding the Sproson statue.
Work should have started this week but that has been delayed by red tape.
Why any potential problems weren’t raised last week when Sproson Fund representatives visited the club is beyond me.
Yet again, this smacks of busy-bodies at the club throwing obstacles in the way of a genuine community project.
It doesn’t matter whether you are pro-board or pro-change with regard to this story.
Many Vale supporters have dug deep into their own pockets to pay for the statue to the club’s greatest servant.
Frankly, they – and Roy himself – deserve better treatment.
Then again, why am I not surprised?
This nonsense comes from the environment where a board of directors which has no moral legitimacy refuses to quit.
Can anyone tell me why Bill Bratt, Glenn Oliver and Mike Lloyd remain in post as Port Vale directors?
Not only did they lose a vote of no confidence but more than three quarters of shareholders voted to get rid of them.
Yet here we are, more than a week after the EGM, and these remnants of the old guard remain.
In doing so, they are preventing – I would guess – around 1,000 Vale fans from renewing their season tickets which is going to make for a pretty poor atmosphere at home games.
At the same time they seem to be doing everything within their power to prevent Mark Sims taking up his directorship.
One wonders if the AGS investors would have been asked to jump through the same hoops.
But, of course, that may not be necessary now as this much-heralded investment in the club from the other side of The Pond seems to be morphing into a sponsorship arrangement.
Funny that, because the Press Release sitting on my desk definitely says ‘sponsorship and investment deal’.
The £500,000 in cash, for which AGS would have received two seats on the board, actually seems no closer than the fabled Harlequin deal.
All the while the summer is slipping away and we have a manager who is unable to sign players to ratify contracts because there are only three board members.
Micky Adams says this has prompted him to put himself forward as a director of the club.
I’m a huge fan of the gaffer but this is not something I, as a shareholder will be endorsing.
I would suggest it would be far better if the board pulled their fingers out and speeded up Mark Sims’ appointment – and that of a North London Valiants representative.
Then Micky can get on with the job of managing the players without having to worry about the internal politics which are crippling our pre-season.

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