Just a matter of time for Vale fans

I am delighted that Mark Sims has decided to press on and attempt to take his rightful place on the board at Port Vale.
He may not like the three directors who refused to step down after suffering the indignity of losing a vote of no confidence and having the vast majority of shareholders vote to get rid of them.
However, I still maintain that getting a seat on the board is an opportunity not to be missed for both Mark and the North London Valiants (NLV).
To have people on that board who are genuinely batting for the supporters will be a great aid to transparency – confidentiality clause or no confidentiality clause.
If Mark and NLV were not to get on the board then I would view it as a great missed opportunity – particularly given the rumours flying around about the way in which the board is further entrenching their position.
We all know what should have happened after the EGM: Bill Bratt, Glenn Oliver and Mike Lloyd should have stepped down and smoothed the way for an interim board.
Instead they wheeler-dealed and ignored the blatantly obvious (i.e. you’re not wanted) and are still in position.
Now there are several rumours flying around the club:
a) That one of the directors who was ousted is set to increase his shareholding to 24.9 per cent
b) That the Harlequin loan of £130k will be converted into shares
c) That Broxap’s Robert Lee will soon invest £300k plus into the club and may even become chairman.
None of these scenarios would be good for Port Vale, in my opinion.
It would simply enable the board (and I use that term loosely) to have an unbeatable percentage of the shares in terms of voting power.
In other words, that’s two fingers up to the majority of shareholders and the views of fans don’t count at all.
Basically, it was clearly a case of ‘anyone but Mo Chaudry’ for the board.
Like him or not – and I’ve had my run-ins with Mo in the past – the way in which his attempt to invest in Port Vale has been completely dismissed and his character besmirched is nothing short of a scandal.
If you’re a Vale fan looking for a crumb of comfort amid all this doom and gloom, I’ll give you three: Mark Sims, NLV and Robbie Williams.
Mark is a genuine Vale fan and was properly elected to the board. It’s time the club stopped putting obstacles in his way and sorted his directorship out with the same speed that Micky Adams’s was arranged.
NLV have been offered a seat on the board. The question is: Who is going to sponsor NLV to the tune of £50k? Peter Jackson perhaps? Because I can’t see another alternative.
Let’s put it this way – if there is no sponsor then this offer should be exposed as being hollow and another example of the board’s lack of integrity.
Meanwhile, don’t think for a second that Robbie Williams doesn’t know what is going on at Vale Park.
Why do you think he has been waving Vale flags and wearing Black and Gold (B&G) scarves on stage in front of tens of thousands of people? It’s not in support of the board, is it?
If you get to see this Rob: Thanks for giving the fans a voice.
Finally, if the board thinks that the B&G brigade or the Starve ‘Em Out campaign have gone away they can think again.
From what I hear, they remain as determined as ever to get rid of the ageing men in suits who are running the club like their own personal fiefdom.
It’s just a matter of time.


6 thoughts on “Just a matter of time for Vale fans

  1. mike lakin says:

    I am proud of you Martin. It took a little while but you are now bang up to speed. Welcome to the world of the Black & Gold.

  2. Jason Lowe says:

    Good to read that you have your finger on the pulse Martin. Sadly, I don’t see an end to this pathetic charade.

  3. Annoyed Port Vale Fan says:

    So now it’s ‘well done Martin’. You Black and Golders really are a bunch of nobheads with a mob mentality. Disagree and the abuse flies. Pathetic

  4. John Merrick says:

    Can’t believe that people can be so fickle towards another’s opinions. Try pulling together for once Vale fans and don’t vilify those who don’t agree with your opinions.

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