Blame for last season’s failure must be shared

I was pleased when I read in today’s Sentinel that Micky Adams had forced the players to look no further than themselves for last season’s wretched capitulation.
The gaffer has pretty much echoed what many of us were saying towards the end of the 2010/11 campaign.
There is still a part of me which can’t quite believe that a team which was second at Christmas and looked to be cruising towards promotion finished up in 11th place.
However, we did… and the truth of it is that the wheels came off the moment Micky Adams left to chase his dream of managing the team he had supported since he was a boy.
Yes, it was important yesterday for the gaffer to spell out to the survivors of last season’s squad that they must shoulder the lion’s share of the blame for the club not at least making the play-offs.
The fact is many of our ‘better players’ were anonymous for the last two months of the campaign. We didn’t create enough chances, we didn’t score enough goals and we suffered too many defensive lapses.
But it is only fair that we remember the other factors which contributed to our poor form from January through to May – namely the appointment of the divisive and inept Jim Gannon by a divisive and inept board.
It is always good to see new players come in and I wish Ben Williamson and Ryan Burge all the best for the new season.
Extra flair, pace and power in the final third is something we have been sorely lacking and I hope these boys will go some way towards remedying that.
Whilst it is nice, for a change, to focus on the playing side of things we should not be distracted from events off the field.
The success of Port Vale Supporters’ Club – or rather its indefatigable representative Dave Felstead – in gaining Robbie Williams’ proxy vote for the foreseeable future is a major step forward for the pro-change campaign.
This enables Mark Sims, the man duly elected by shareholders at that travesty of an EGM, to take his rightful place on the board of directors at the Vale.
How good it will be for the average supporter to have a man on the inside at last – someone who is genuinely batting for them.
Surely even the discredited board can’t refuse Mark a seat at the top table now. It would be like sticking two fingers up at our most famous celebrity fan.
While they are at it, the board should also make good on their offer of a seat on the board to North London Valiants.
The question is, of course, who will sponsor the NLV representative?
Answers on a postcard, please…


One thought on “Blame for last season’s failure must be shared

  1. mike lakin says:

    Very well said Martin. You ask and raise some very pertinent points. Quite simply, for Port Vale to advance the right people need electing to the board. Even if Micky Adams succeeds in gaining promotion – which will be far more difficult this time around, I feel – the really hard part would be surviving in League 1 with a cash-strapped board of directors.

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