Vale board’s hollow offer exposed. No great surprise then…

Well, I’m disappointed but not in any way surprised.
When North London Valiants were offered a seat on the Vale board after the EGM I smelled a rat and said as much on this blog.
I couldn’t quite get my head around how it would work. For starters, I couldn’t see how NLV could have a seat on the board without the backing of a single sponsor with 50,000 shares behind him.
You certainly would have got long odds on the only man who could have sponsored them – Peter Jackson – swallowing his pride and putting the fans first.
It always seemed like a hollow offer to me because I didn’t think the board could or would deliver on it.
I always felt it was a sop to the supporters in the wake of an EGM at which the board lost the moral authority to run our club.
Perhaps the directors thought supporters could be hoodwinked into buying season tickets on the basis that they thought they would have a voice in the board room.
NLV say they were told the shareholders’ board representative would require new investment of £50,000.
Why should this be the case? If the directors were serious about having a fans’ representative on the board then they could have allowed the pooling of existing shares to pave the way.
The NLV statement claims one director stated during discussions that the fans have ‘never had it so good’ as they do now.
I beg to differ. In contrast, I dare say we’ve never been so divided and unhappy.
Where is the vision to unite the supporter-base? Where is the acknowledgment that the vast majority of shareholders don’t want the current directors anymore? Where is the investment required to get us up the leagues?
In the same way that the directors have continued to frustrate Mark Sims’ attempts to join the board, they have given with one hand and taken away with the other with regard to NLV.
They have demonstrated beyond doubt that they have no real interest in engaging with ordinary supporters. You’re OK so long as you toe the line, pay your money and show up.
God forbid you actually criticise the current regime or have any aspiration beyond League Two mediocrity and hopes pinned on a decent cup run.
I will back the lads 100 per cent from August 6 and I won’t be falling out with Vale fans whose opinions differ from mine.
But neither will I stop banging the drum for real change which removes self-service and nepotism Port Vale Football Club.
Black and Gold, NLV and Starve ‘Em Out won’t go away. Neither will I.
We have to believe that democracy will prevail despite the head in the sand attitude of a board which has run out of places to hide.


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