A decent start, but healing still needed

Four games, two wins, two draws and a healthy goal difference of plus five.
I’d have taken that if someone had offered it to me at 3pm on August 6.
Yes, we have given away a few soft goals – something which Micky Adams will no doubt be working to eradicate in training.
However, the encouraging thing is that the goals we are scoring are being shared around rather than us having to rely on a couple of players to earn us the points.
In recent seasons our Achilles heel has been a simple inability to hit the net because of an over-reliance on the strikers.
Without wishing to put a hex on the lads, the fact that the midfield is already chipping in with goals bodes well for the rest of the season.
It’s clear to me that, even at this early stage, having Micky back at the helm and working alongside Mark Grew has made a huge difference. Long may he reign.
The only fly in the ointment is the fact that several hundred Vale fans are still refusing to go to home games as the boardroom saga rumbles on.
This is something that no-one attending tomorrow’s game against Southend should forget.
For these supporters, nothing less than the removal of Bill Bratt and Glenn Oliver as directors will suffice.
While both men have stated that they will be stepping down, neither has done so thus far, and the stay-away fans won’t be putting any more money into the club so long as they remain in post.
I spoke to Mike Lloyd recently and told him that it was within his gift to heal the rift between the board and supporters.
Simply put, if he could persuade Bratt and Oliver to stand down and get Mark Sims on to the board then I felt the majority of fans would be prepared to draw a line in the sand.
To be fair to the new chairman, some progress has been made towards the removal of the unpopular directors and he has met with supporters publicly.
However, I am left scratching my head as to why Sims – the only man wanted on the board by a majority of shareholders at June’s EGM – still hasn’t been appointed to the board.
What’s more, I remain sceptical about this coming investment involving Ameriturf which is said to be worth ‘millions to the club’.
Having turned away local millionaire Mo Chaudry and while Mark Sims still languishes on the sidelines, once again the Vale board is gambling on overseas businesses to ride to our rescue.
I remain to be convinced that this is the silver bullet for our club’s ills.


2 thoughts on “A decent start, but healing still needed

  1. peter johansen says:

    Martin, you couldn’t get any closer to the truth than that.
    Let’s see if Mike Lloyd delivers this investment (it is a multi-million investment btw) as stated. Hopefully he will deliver for the sake of Port Vale FC and (all) its fans. if he does not and this investment is not what it has been made out to be we will be back to square one again.

  2. Tony brindley says:

    Ameriturf are not local and have no interest in the future success of P.V.F.C. but want to promote their artificial turf business in the U.K.
    Messrs Bratt and Oliver may yet decide not to resign so the club would be lumbered with the same directors plus one from an uninterested overseas company.
    The best opportunity for the future success of Port Vale was that of Mo Chaudry and Mark Sims, but their offer to purchase shares was discarded along with the best interests of the club.

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