We’re still waiting for transparency at the Vale

The last couple of weeks have been something of a car crash for the lads.
After a promising start, our defence has suddenly sprung more leaks than the board room used to have.
Almost inevitably we limped out of the Paint Pot Trophy and two league defeats have seen us slip to mid-table as a result.
There’s no need for panic just yet – it’s not like we are being battered or not creating any chances.
In fact, sooner or later an opposing team is due a good thrashing when we convert the chances we are making into goals.
However, shoring things up at the back has gone from being a need to a necessity within a fortnight.
Recent results also go to show just how thin our squad is because we have really missed three or four key players sidelined through injury.
While I fully expect us to get a result tomorrow away at troubled Plymouth, Micky’s magic wand can only do so much.
In recent seasons Port Vale managers have been asked to produce a winning team with one hand tied behind their backs.
The playing budget and, therefore the squad, is simply too small.
It goes without saying that increased funding for a manager of the calibre of Micky Adams would make a hell of a difference to our chances of mounting a genuine promotion push.
It would seem that whether or not the gaffer is given additional money to strengthen the squad depends largely on what deal was thrashed out by the Chairman and Chief Executive during their visit to the States.
I would suggest it will have to be something pretty special to surpass what was on the table from the Chaudry/Sims consortium a few months back.
It will certainly take more than a few hundred grand and some plastic pitches to pacify supporters who could have been enjoying a renaissance fuelled by local money and the dynamism of a lifelong Vale fan.
It is only fair that I give Chairman Mike Lloyd the benefit of the doubt as we are still in the early days of his tenure.
He may yet deliver the millions of pounds that have been hinted at and I sincerely hope he is outlining just such an investment to the rest of the board at today’s meeting.
However, irrespective of next week’s much-vaunted announcement, what Mike Lloyd does need to do as a matter of urgency is to ensure that the directors who have promised they will step down do just that.
He also needs to get Mark Sims on to that crippled board as quickly as possible.
We’ve been promised a new era of transparency at the Vale but sadly, to date, I have seen nothing of the sort.


2 thoughts on “We’re still waiting for transparency at the Vale

  1. peter johansen says:

    great read again martin.

    unfortunately the only transparent thing at vale park these days are windows and i guess it will remain that way until complete change happens. let us all hope the our doubts are unfounded and that lloyd delivers the millions promised .

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