The boardroom situation’s a farce… but Roberts still has my backing

Well, it’s been 10 days since the announcement of the multi-million pound investment into Port Vale by American company Blue Sky and we’re none the wiser as to what it all means.
We still await the response from the boardroom to questions posed by fans via the Supporters’ Club – questions that should have been answered in the original press release.
Simply put, there isn’t enough meat on the bones of the proposed investment as yet to actually make a judgement on the deal.
As we await answers, the boardroom situation remains in a confusing state of flux.
Bill Bratt and Glenn Oliver are still directors for the time being – which is preventing some supporters from paying to watch home games.
Meanwhile, the situation with local businessman Mark Sims is nothing short of farcical.
He was the only person elected to the board at June’s EGM and yet here we are, three months later, still waiting for him to take his seat.
In contrast, Micky Adams was elected a director with the speed of light.
Out of the blue this week we have the announcement that Chief Executive Perry Deakin wants to become a director and put £100,000 of his own money into the club.
My take on this is: “That’s great, Perry. But resign as CEO first because it should be one or the other.”
In the same way that some supporters were dead set against manager Micky Adams becoming a director, I don’t much fancy the idea of a Chief Executive who’s also a board member.
The potential conflict of interest is there for all to see when directors could be involved in discussions regarding their own positions.
With regard to Mark Sims – if, as has been hinted at before, he doesn’t want to sign up to directors’ guarantees because he doesn’t feel he’s seen the full financial picture, then Mark needs to come out and say as much.
Then he can step away and the Supporters’ Club could perhaps try to find another suitable candidate to be elected to the board using Robbie Williams’ proxy vote.
Robbie gave ordinary Vale fans the chance to have a voice and it is an opportunity that should not be wasted.
On the field the big story of the week is the suspension and fining of midfielder Gary Roberts who just can’t seem to shake his personal demons.
Some say he’s had his chances and we should get shot of the lad who enjoyed the full support of fans when Jim Gannon cast him into the wilderness.
Personally, I’m a long way from turning my back on arguably the most talented midfielder in the lower leagues.
This is the manager’s call, not ours, and Roberts will be getting nowt but encouragement from me.


2 thoughts on “The boardroom situation’s a farce… but Roberts still has my backing

  1. Mike Lakin says:

    As is becoming the norm since he became ‘reborn’, Martin is once again on the money – especially with regard to Roberts. Quality doesn’t grow on trees – especially for free in League Two.

  2. Andrew Owen says:

    I agree 100% with Martin on all of the board matters. However, I do not agree with Martin on the issue of Gary Roberts. Yes, he has the ability to be one of the better midfielders in the leauge on his day but I think that is now outweighed by the stupidity he shows off the pitch. If Gary Roberts is allowed to play for the club again once he has served his suspention what type of message does that say about Port Vale to any future players we might get and even to the players we have now? In my opinion we should release Gary Roberts and give Doug Loft/Sam Morsy his place in the team. I’m sorry but the guy has problems and Port Vale are not in a position at the moment to deal with these types of situation with everything that is happening (or not) in the board room at the moment. I like Gary as a player but I think his attitude towards the club stinks.

    Andrew Owen (life-long Vale fan)

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