Club is at a crossroads… will we all take the same path?

This is the first week in a long time that I’ve sat down and not felt obliged to moan about the boardroom situation.
That doesn’t mean the problems have gone away or that a degree of suspicion doesn’t remain – far from it.
Talking to other supporters, many are desperate to put the civil war behind them, look forward to bigger home gates and simply get behind Micky’s team.
But there’s also a sense of “close but no cigar” about the way in which the campaign for change concluded.
I think this springs from the fact there was no dramatic coup d’état – as many had hoped for.
Instead we’ve seen the removal of the old guard, or most of them, and witnessed the death of the dream of a supporter-run club.
In many ways we are into uncharted territory and have to hope that the £8 million Blue Sky investment deal is all its cracked up to be.
So I guess the question is how and when will Vale supporters judge the ‘new’ regime?
Of course, promotion – or any sort of success on the field – goes a long way to papering over the cracks or masking any misgivings fans may have about the way in which their club is being run.
This is something we all want and, if it comes via the manager being given a few hundred thousand pounds to strengthen his squad, then it will certainly be a big tick for the powers-that-be.
For me, however, the ‘new’ board should be judged on two things.
Firstly, the investment of £5 million over the next 11 months or so is an easy one to measure.
This will include completion of the Lorne Street stand and the Robbie Williams’ suite.
Rob has now given his blessing to this – via his dad who visited him in LA last week – and so there is no reason why we shouldn’t see some swift progress on this development.
What the rest of the £5 million will be spent on we shall have to wait and see.
The second way in which I will judge the new regime is on its ability to deliver on the promise of a supporter-elected representative to the board.
Thanks to Robbie Williams’ proxy, the Supporters Club actually has some clout now and will be fighting tooth and nail to ensure fans have a voice.
This will be done through regular polls of fans on important issues relating to the club, and by ensuring that any new fan representative on the board has the same rights as any other director.
In many ways we are at a crossroads and hopefully, if those that run the club are true to their words, we can all start to take the same path together.


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