Club has opportunity to give fans a genuine voice

It’s been another perplexing week both on and off the field which means making any sort of predictions is a risky business.
Our form continues to confound and can basically be summed up as: Win one, score loads; Lose one, leak like a sieve. Repeat.
There are positives – such as the form of Doug Loft and the fact that we are scoring goals from all over the park.
However, our defensive frailty may well be the thing which ultimately torpedoes promotion hopes.
It also underlines just how much we have missed Lee Collins in the back four.
While Micky Adams wrestles with his formation in an attempt to find some consistency, events off the park have taken interesting twists.
Ameriturf’s decision to threaten the club with legal action after the collapse of its investment deal is embarrassing and hopefully the questions of ‘who signed what and who promised what to whom’ will be answered in the coming weeks.
Peter Miller has taken over as chairman with Mike Lloyd stepping down to the role of vice-chairman.
This was not surprising as Mr Miller’s name was actually being bandied about as a future chairman of Port Vale on fans’ forums even before the Blue Sky investment was announced.
Back then we all asked: ‘Peter who?’.
Then, after it was announced late one night that he had invested £250,000 in the club, shareholders were asked to elect Mr Miller to the board.
The shareholders I spoke to abstained from voting as they either a) felt they didn’t know anything about Mr Miller or b) felt it was pointless as the block votes of board members made the poll a foregone conclusion.
On Monday it was announced that Mr Miller had become chairman – presumably something which had been in the offing since the Blue Sky deal was negotiated.
I’ve never met Mr Miller but I’m encouraged by him saying: “I recognise that the supporter-base has a huge part to play in the present and future of Port Vale.”
Mr Miller has already met with Supporters’ Club representatives and seems to agree with me that a thriving Supporters’ Club would be a real asset to the Vale.
I would now encourage him to go a step further and meet with ordinary fans at an open meeting in order that they can get to know him a little better.
I would also strongly urge the directors to let the fans have genuine autonomy with regard to putting a supporter-elected representative on the board – rather than feeling the need to interfere in the process.


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