The goodwill of restless natives hinges on the board making good on investment promises

The natives are restless. There’s much discussion about which of our players are good enough to take us to a higher level and which aren’t.

There’s also a great deal of expectation building with regard to January’s transfer window and how much money, if any, Micky Adams will be given to spend.

Isn’t it amazing how a couple of bad results can focus the mind?

For a few months now many fans have adopted a ‘wait-and-see’ policy towards the new regime.

After all, it’s only fair they be given a chance to deliver on their promises.

But as we head towards the crucial festive season, by the end of which we will know just what our promotion credentials really are, recent poor performances mean any honeymoon period for the new directors is now officially over.

Supporters are desperate to see real, tangible progress and the hope was that Blue Sky would deliver it.

I’ll be honest – I have viewed everything that was said with regard to the potential £8 million investment with a healthy dose of scepticism.

If we take out of the equation £500,000 for pre-season tours to the States and £2.5 million for ‘unspecified community outreach facilities over the next five years’ then what are we left with?
We know Blue Sky have invested £130,000 in Port Vale.

By my maths this leaves a further £4.87 million which we were assured would be spent on the club within 12 months of the investment deal being announced on September 14.

Now you can’t tell me that finishing the seating in the Lorne Street stand and completing the Robbie Williams suite will cost £4.87 million.

So where is all the money going and when will it be spent?

I wouldn’t, for obvious reasons, expect the club to say how much but what I want to know is: Will the manager be given significant funds in January to bolster his squad?

I ask because it seems to me that, to date, Micky Adams has been forced to operate on a relative shoestring compared to some managers in League Two.

Up to now he has had to take punts on youngsters or rely on journeymen pros to supplement the nucleus of his squad because, I suspect, he couldn’t pay the wages of the kind of players he would really like to sign.

New Chairman Peter Miller and Chief Executive Perry Deakin have told supporters to judge them after three months, six months and 12 months.

Well the clock is ticking and any goodwill that exists hinges on them delivering substantial change during those self-imposed time-frames.

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One thought on “The goodwill of restless natives hinges on the board making good on investment promises

  1. Malcolm says:

    A thoughtful piece once again Martin; particularly so give the announced of a later than ‘normal’ AGM. To call the meeting on Wednesday February 8thth at 10.30am is a slap in the face for shareholders and fans alike. The shadows of the EGM last June are falling heavily across this AGM meeting.

    As you say the honeymoon is well and truly over.

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