It’s not just the players who need to start delivering

Awful performances, a run of five games without a win and a shambolic FA Cup exit to non-league opposition have prompted a few fans to call for the manager’s head.

It’s a nonsensical suggestion – both in terms of the team and the club’s finances – fuelled by anger, frustration and embarrassment at recent performances and results.

There are no excuses: The players are under-performing. They are letting the supporters and themselves down.

They have also cost us a potentially lucrative third round Cup draw having been handed what, on paper, was one of the easier routes to a big pay day.

Injury problems and suspensions can’t explain the lack of passion and commitment that has been on show this month.

The team we put out on Tuesday night should have been capable of beating Grimsby. They didn’t.

To be fair to Micky Adams, his statement after the Grimsby game was refreshingly honest and included an apology to supporters.

He knows only too well that he, his assistants and the players have to take responsibility for what is happening. There’s nowhere to hide.

In my opinion, it’s not too late to turn our season around but that hinges on getting points on the board by the end of December.

At present we look one-nil down before a ball is kicked, such is the body language of certain individuals.

I believe in Micky Adams. He’s a good manager with a proven track record and I think he deserves a little time and trust to turn things around.

He will, of course, be feeling the pressure right now – as evidenced by his decision to dip into the loan market yesterday.

There’s no doubt in my mind, however, that the shenanigans behind the scenes at the club will be affecting the manager.

The influx of new faces in the boardroom, the uncertainty and speculation surrounding the club’s finances and the general disillusionment of supporters has to have eaten away at the playing staff and coaches.

Port Vale Football Club is not a happy ship and much of this stems from the way that it is run and the poor way in which it continues to communicate with its fanbase.

Two months after the multi-million pound Blue Sky investment was announced we have yet to see any evidence of progress – either on or off the field.

Chairman Peter Miller is still refusing to meet supporters face-to-face during this promised new era of openness and transparency.

Meanwhile chief executive Perry Deakin continues to wax lyrical about commercial successes while dodging the central question as to whether or not the Blue Sky deal is still on.

He talks of an 80 per cent increase in total commercial income and a 200 per cent increase in advertising revenues but frankly, without the actual figures, this is meaningless flannel.

Right now Port Vale doesn’t give the appearance of a club that’s about to be rolling in cash.

The fact is it’s not only the players who need to start delivering: The onus is very much on the board to show us the promised millions.

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