How can we believe what Deakin and Miller tell us anymore?

I guess the questions asked by Port Vale supporters and handed in by the Supporters’ Club committee to Peter Miller last Thursday are going to go unanswered, then.
Why am I not surprised? As I wrote on Friday morning, I wasn’t holding my breath for Perry Deakin or Peter Miller to provide answers. Clearly they don’t give a monkey’s what we all think.
Clearly the new era of openness and transparency ended before it had begun.
The truth is, given the misleading statements and factual inaccuracies they have served up to Vale fans in recent weeks and months, I dare say nobody would believe them if they did attempt to answer fans’ questions.
On Friday night, however, the chairman did decide to issue a statement of breathtaking blandness which claimed he and Mr Deakin had saved the club from administration.
It then attempted to create a smokescreen about an allegedly ‘stolen document’.
Ironically, that statement didn’t take issue with any of the facts in Friday’s Sentinel story and wittered on about the issuing of nil-paid shares being ‘standard business practice’. Try telling the fans, shareholders and former directors that, Peter.
That statement on the club’s website was the equivalent of Mr Miller ignoring the fact that his house was on fire in order to show us his new curtains.
FACT 1: As a result of Friday’s story we know that both Deakin and Miller were elected to the board without having put any money into the club. (Although hundreds of shareholders can be forgiven for thinking the word ‘purchased’ meant they had stuck some dosh in).
FACT 2: Mr Deakin thinks Mr Miller is worth his astonishingly generous remuneration package for a previously unpaid figurehead role. Interestingly, I can’t find a single person who agrees with him.
FACT 3: Despite repeated requests, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Port Vale have so far refused to have a proper, sit down chat with The Sentinel to answer the kind of questions the Supporters’ Club committee handed in last week. Oddly, they keep cancelling the meeting.
You see, I reckon whatever Mr Deakin and Mr Miller come up with next – be it impressive sales figures or another small-time investor – their credibility with most Vale fans is now shot.
They have missed deadlines, issued misleading statements to shareholders and supporters, and contradicted themselves on so many occasions that it is genuinely hard for us to separate fact from fiction anymore.
So let’s not have them wriggling out of the big pledge, shall we?
Remember: It’s £5 million into Port Vale from Blue Sky by next September. That’s what we were told. And a further £3 million for pre-season tours and heaven knows what else.
If, in the coming days and weeks, the board attempts to move the goalposts and deny the sums they said were involved in the Blue Sky investment or tries to blame fans for the deal falling through then we know it was all pie in the Blue Sky in the first place.
I, for one, certainly look forward to hearing the opinions of directors Mike Lloyd and Glenn Oliver on recent developments. They’ve gone awfully quiet, don’t you think?
If either of you gentlemen are reading this, then feel free to give me a bell. You’ve got my number.
By the same token, I’m available 24/7 for Blue Sky boss Hank Julicher, should he ever chance upon this column.
Rest assured that right now Vale supporters who care about their club are working behind the scenes to get to the truth.
They are pushing on many fronts in a battle we simply can’t afford to lose and, for once, it seems all fans are united.
*Anyone wishing to comment on recent revelations can write to The Sentinel’s letters pages by emailing me at:


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