It’s just a matter of time until board are ousted

I’ve never protested against anything in my life. I’ve covered more demonstrations and marches than I care to remember but I’ve never taken part in one.

However, tomorrow I’ll be joining the hundreds of Vale fans who will be giving a very public show of disapproval against the club’s board of directors for their reprehensible conduct in recent months.

So sick am I of the misleading information, the broken promises, the factual innaccuracies, the smoke and mirrors and the failure to hit deadlines that I am taking a stand.

So appalled am I by the fact that the chairman is receiving an eye-watering salary and benefits while the club apparently cannot afford to feed VIP guests at the unveiling of the Roy Sproson statue that I feel duty bound to take action.

Many supporters won’t join the protest – irrespective of their views on recent revelations.

They may well be horrified at Peter Miller’s remuneration package and the fact that the chairman and chief executive were elected to the board by stealth through the use of ‘nil paid’ shares.

I suspect they are feeling just as let down as I am over the Blue Sky fiasco – having been promised a multi-million pound investment which never was.

However, some supporters will just want to watch the game tomorrow because they don’t wish to get involved in the club’s politics or are too embarrassed to be associated with any public protest.

All I would ask of these fans is that they respect the actions of volunteers and fellow Vale supporters who are motivated enough to stand in the cold and show their feelings.

The chairman has dismissed our concerns about the club’s finances and the issuing of shares and ignored our incredulity at the fact that the Blue Sky deal is dead and was never what it was cracked up to be anyhow.

At the same time, Messrs Miller and Deakin are refusing to answer questions posed by The Sentinel and the Supporters’ Club – preferring instead to play semantics and attempt to butter-up shareholders.

The fact is they know the game is up. They have been rumbled. It matters not whether they demonstrate that they have borrowed a few hundred grand off someone and stuck it into the Vale. Their credibility is shot. Fans and shareholders don’t believe what they say anymore.

Whatever Mr Miller claims to have put into the club since he was elected to the board, the fact is he will be taking more out in salary and perks within the first two years of his contract.

My message to Messrs Miller and Deakin – and the equally culpable Mike Lloyd and Glenn Oliver – is simple: Go now because it is just a matter of time before you are removed from office.

All the fans’ groups – Black and Gold, the North London Valiants and Starve ‘Em Out – are united under the umbrella of the Supporters’ Club which is now calling for an EGM with the specific aim of getting shot of directors who have proven to be totally self-serving.

I can assure Mr Miller that it isn’t just ‘two people who don’t have all the information’ who are demanding that he and his fellow directors to step down.

I have not spoken to single Vale fan who believes the board’s spin or who wants these people in charge of our club for a minute longer.

What a shame it is that, in fighting so hard to prevent local businessman Mo Chaudry from taking over the club ‘on the cheap’, the previous regime have actually handed the keys to people whom I believe have put the Vale in an even worse position than it was six months ago.

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2 thoughts on “It’s just a matter of time until board are ousted

  1. IAN FOSTER says:

    Absolutely spot on Martin, The fact that this board does not recognise the difference between $850,000 and £8,000,000 shows that they are not fit to run a business such as a football club – or any business for that matter. They could not even get the basic information about the deal right and for that, and their treatment of our neighbours Nantwich Town and the Sproson Fund, I will not hand over any more of my money to Port Vale while Miller and Deakin are at the club.

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