Round one: A unanimous points victory for Vale supporters

What a great day. A four-nil win (it was never four-nil, like, but I’ll take it) and the kind of protest that even the most one-eyed of the club’s directors will have to admit shows the majority of supporters want rid of the current board.

They can blame the bad weather and the fact that it was the weekend before Christmas, but the gate of just 3,700 tells me that many fans – not just the committed Starve ‘Em Outers – have lost all faith in the current board and are finding better things to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Then the icing on the festive cake for me was the fact that at least 80 per cent of supporters in the ground took part in the red card protest. That’ll be more than 2,800 (or a few more than two, Mr Miller).

Spin that however you like, Messrs Miller and Deakin, that is a HUGE vote of no confidence in the current board’s stewardship of OUR club.

The issuing of ‘nil paid’ shares, having people elected on to the board under false pretences, misleading us all about the Blue Sky deal, missing deadlines. Need I go on?

The credibility of the current board is shot. There were even red cards being held up in the director’s box, corporate boxes and, more unbelieveably, the Lorne Street Stand.

All this will no doubt lead to more offers of verification that £2.56 has finally been put into the club. Frankly, who cares anymore?

Peter Miller, Perry Deakin, Mike Lloyd and Glenn Oliver are not wanted by the majority of Port Vale supporters.

In my opinion, the only reason even more people didn’t hold up the red cards is cos it was too coewd for them to take their hands out of their pockets and they weren’t wearing gloves.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people behind the scenes who made yesterday’s protest, organised under the umbrella of the Supporters’ Club, the triumph that it was.

This includes North London Valiants, Black and Gold, Starve ‘Em Out, and the many volunteers who stood out in the cold to hand out the red cards and take part in the protests both before and after the game.

Round One: A unanimous points victory for Vale supporters.

Seconds out, round two…

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3 thoughts on “Round one: A unanimous points victory for Vale supporters

  1. peter johansen says:

    I have to agree, Martin. In no way shape or form can anyone deny that this club’s fans do not want any of the current board in charge. For me, the fact that neither Deakin nor Miller showed their sorry faces and both Lloyd and Oliver left on 70 mins says it all. They are not wanted and they know it.

    As for the crowd, well the word ‘abysmal’ comes to mind. Forget the weather and the date of the game. Had all been rosy there would have been at least another 1,500 to 2,000 there.

    Deakin, Miller, Lloyd, Oliver: OUT.

    PS, Maybe Macc away could see the red card returning?

  2. Never mind. When we have the Lorne Street and Robbie Williams Suite all finished, it will look great. Empty, but great.

    Well done to all involved. I, for one, will not set foot inside Vale Park until these clowns have gone.

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