The whole Vale board must stand down ASAP: Nobody believes their nonsense anymore

Apparently there is no honour among unpopular and discredited football club directors.

Now that the not-so-fab four have been exposed for misleading fans and shareholders on numerous occasions, their alliance has collapsed in spectacular fashion as they seek to save their own skins.

Yesterday Port Vale issued a statement containing more holes than a Swiss cheese.

The statement claimed Mr Miller was brought in during October as chairman on a fixed-term basis to ‘replace the investment which had not been fulfilled by the Blue Sky deal’.

This is simply not true. Peter Miller, as we all now know, was offered the job of chairman in a letter dated September 5 which clearly stated the post would be reviewed after three years and offered him a maximum of eight business class flights to the States per annum.

We also all know that Mr Miller was instrumental in brokering the Blue Sky deal (such as it was) – a deal which both he and Mr Deakin insisted was still live until on December 8 when The Sentinel told everyone it had been dead for a month or more.

The statement goes on to say that Mr Miller’s chairmanship will cease on Sunday. How convenient. I wonder if he knows yet?

Let’s be clear: Yesterday’s statement is merely an amateurish attempt by Messrs Lloyd, Deakin and Oliver to make Mr Miller the fall guy for the financial cataclysm currently enveloping Port Vale.

They are kidding themselves if they think anyone believes their nonsense anymore.

Mr Deakin stepped down around a month ago when he realised that his position was untenable in the wake of the collapse of the Blue Sky deal and the exposing of the issuing of ‘nil paid’ shares to both him and Mr Miller.

Rather than bringing in millions of pounds worth of investment, as they promised, the current board have instead saddled us with yet more debt and a bigger wage bill.

Personally, I honestly fear that administration beckons.

Under the circumstances, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if February’s AGM was postponed (again) given the fact the club’s annual report presumably has ‘Must Do Better’ scrawled in red pen on the cover.

The sooner we are rid of this current board the better – and I mean every one of them.

There can be no plea bargain this time. We need to start afresh with a completely new board.

The current directors are all equally culpable for the mess Vale is in – as are the former directors who handed the keys to our club to the current incumbents.

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