Let’s stick with the plan and make 2012 the year we took our club back

So where do we go from here? Already some supporters seem to believe that the battle is won now that Chief Executive Perry Deakin has resigned and the Chairman has been sacked.
However, I would personally urge caution and keep the champagne on ice for a while yet.
The fans have won a couple of important battles but the war is far from won.
The way I read things, Port Vale is a club in deep, deep trouble still controlled by four blokes whom I wouldn’t trust to run a bath.
Four blokes who oversaw a phantom investment and the issuing of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of ‘nil paid’ shares used to vote people – whom ordinary Vale fans and shareholders knew nowt about – on to the board.
Until each of the four directors has stepped down I won’t be happy.
Let us be clear: Miller, Oliver, Deakin and Lloyd must all go. Perry Deakin and Glenn Oliver have said publicly they will be stepping down.
Peter Miller has done a vanishing act so heaven knows what his next move will be following his public humiliation.
Mike Lloyd may have been living in the Land Of Make Believe regarding the Blue Sky deal but it is a fantasy too far for him to pretend that he can survive this mess.
Mike: You have presided over the most shambolic six months in the history of Port Vale FC.
To attempt to paint yourself as some sort of business guru for having the foresight to tie Peter Miller into a ‘short-term’ contract is comedy of the highest order.
Let’s not forget that you went to the States on a tour funded by pitch firm Ameriturf and returned to the UK trumpeting a deal with an entirely different company which was little more than a wish-list for Santa. The difference being, of course, that Santa delivers.
In addition, Mike, you presumably approved of Peter Miller’s astonishing remuneration package and, crucially, were party to the issuing of ‘nil paid’ shares.
It was also on your watch, Mike, that the Chairman YOU wanted signed off on a new mortgage for the Vale.
One of two things has happened, here, Mike. Either you were complicit in all these disasters or you were ignorant of elements of some of them. Either way, it is incompetence of the highest order.
Mike, now that you’ve stopped replying to my phone calls and text messages, perhaps you will heed this advice as I know you read my blog:
If you have any interest in the welfare of Port Vale, work with the Supporters’ Club to achieve a smooth transition of power to an interim board comprising individuals not tarnished by the mistakes and self-interest of the current board or previous regimes.
It is my honest opinion that only a completely fresh start – with new faces and new investment – will take our club forward.
That means we have to work hard to find individuals with the inclination, the time and the financial clout to improve Port Vale.
In my view, that means we cannot sanction a return of former directors trying to paint themselves as ‘white knights’ riding to the rescue.
Stan Meigh promised the Supporters’ Club he would use his proxy to help remove the current board and give his proxy to someone else in order that they could be appointed to the board.
Please hold your nerve and keep your promise, Stan. Do not listen to the Siren song of former friends.
Port Vale faces a vital few months during which the fans cannot afford to take their eyes off the ball.
Let’s stick with the plan. Let’s get rid of the not-so-fab four at the earliest opportunity, find out just how bad the mess they have created really is, and do our best to pick up the pieces.
Let’s keep on demonstrating, push for that all-important EGM and make 2012 the year we took our club back.


7 thoughts on “Let’s stick with the plan and make 2012 the year we took our club back

  1. Mike Lakin says:

    Right to the point and exactly what the vast majority of Vale supporters who have taken the time and trouble to dig a little deeper than gloss and sympathy which has spilled from the mouths of past and present directors trully think. Martin Tideswell writes it just as it is. I implore both the directors and those who still remain ‘sat on the fence’ to read the piece slowly, then I’m convinced that every open minded person will realise that what is written is very accurate, no nonsense journalism. As ever well done, mate. If it is true what they say about the ‘power of the pen’, then we shall surely overcome.

  2. Dave Berry says:

    Spot on and yet another great article from Martin, whom we all trust. My only hope now is for ALL fans to realise that the board have now all lost our trust in them. We must unite and get behind Micky and the lads BUT do our utmost to rid PVFC of these deceiving individuals. Up the Vale!

  3. Martin. I agree with you. Mr Miller, Mr Deakin, Mr Lloyd, Mr Oliver, must go, There should be no way back for Mr Meigh Mr Bratt or Mr Jackson. Now that leaves a problem. You need 4 members of V2001 holding the required number of shares that are prepared to take on responsibilities and Financial Guarantees of being Directors, Who are they ?
    I cannot see away other than Admin.

  4. Spot on, Martin. Everything you have wrote is true… We need root to branch clearout ASAP and that includes our Club Secretary Bill Lodey who has been pleading ignorance when questioned about recent events. It looks like administration is the only answer, and there are people waiting in the wings to get this club back on its feet.

  5. Martin: Well said! They are all untrustworthy, and although Miller (Shrek) was by far the ugliest, Mike Lloyd is anything but incompetent. He is a very capable man who excels at acting like he had no knowledge of any wrong-doing. Make sure the club is most careful of this man, guys. He was perfectly willing to thow Deakin and Miller, as well as Blue Sky and anyone else who got in the way, under the bus and act like he had no knowledge of the whole sordid affair. He’s the real ringmaster and puppeteer and you’d better watch out for him. He’s as hard to eliminate as a house full of cockroaches.

    Hank Julicher – CEO
    Blue Sky International

  6. Great post, Martin. I agree with every single word. Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin & Miller must go and we must start completely over again with a new board with the money, drive and conscience to do what is right to restore Port Vale FC to its rightful stature.

    May I also congratulate and thank you & The Sentinel team on your recent and ongoing hard work in exposing the current situation at Vale Park.

  7. Stephen D'Arcy says:

    Martin, impossible thnough it might seem, your writing and research just gets better and better. Thank you for your hard work. “We shall overcome, one day”.

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