Very soon we will boot the not-so-fab four out of Port Vale

Clearly it wasn’t just the fans and shareholders who were led up the garden path by the current board.
It comes to something when your manager publicly rebukes the powers-that-be over their failure to deliver a promised war chest for signings in the January transfer window.
Micky Adams sounded as frustrated as the rest of us – thoroughly disillusioned at trying to do his job with one hand tied behind his back.
Of course, it’s not the board’s fault, though, is it? It never is.
Just like it wasn’t the fault of Messrs Miller, Deakin, Lloyd and Oliver when the Blue Sky deal turned out to be pie in the sky or when they issued nil paid shares or were forced to take out a mortgage to pay December’s wages.
I find their arrogance and inability to accept responsibility for the current cataclysm quite breathtaking.
At least now the supporters are united behind a common goal: To get rid of the clowns currently running our club.
After the hugely-successful red card protest and a turnstile poll in which almost 97 per cent of fans said they supported moves to oust the current board, there is now a genuine mandate for change.
Unfortunately, the not-so-fab four haven’t quite gone yet. One of them is even talking about hanging around, for heaven’s sake.
I’m not sure what planet Mike Lloyd is living on but he needs to understand that his time as a director of Port Vale is ending. Leave now or get pushed out later. Your choice, Mike.
His comrade Perry Deakin said this week he was in discussions to extend his tenure – after quitting as chief executive in November.
Don’t bother, Perry. Someone will order you a (non-Police) taxi before then.
The enigma that is Glenn Oliver has at least publicly pledged to step down as a director at the AGM. However, given Mr Oliver’s propensity for contradiction I’ll believe that when I see it.
And then we have the lesser-spotted Peter Miller. He’s been sacked by his mates but is still on the board – presumably, like Mr Deakin – by dint of shares he never paid for.
At least the rest of us paid for our shares – even if they were only a couple of hundred quid’s worth.
The upshot to all this is that we have a club that has no money and can’t pay its bills courtesy of a board that is in hiding.
Nice work, gents. The only crumb of comfort I can offer is that very soon, once certain ducks are in a row, Vale’s supporters will unceremoniously boot these unwanted individuals out of our club.


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