Those who could help fiddle while Vale Park burns

I’m hoping against all hope that we get a result tomorrow.

I’d even settle for a draw given the threadbare squad Micky is having to work with.

However, the truth is my thoughts are so dominated by the disgraceful off-the-field situation that football has honestly become of secondary importance.

It’s a case of: Another week – another shocking revelation.

As many suspected, the £277,000 mortgage signed off by former chairman Peter Miller to pay December’s wages breached the terms of the far more significant council loan agreement.

It seems Miller was relying on the benevolence – or possibly the intransigence – of the local authority when he saddled us with yet more debt.

He gambled that the council wouldn’t call in the loan and thereby put Vale into administration.

If anyone was in any doubt about the club’s parlous financial position, then this should clarify the situation for them.

At present, it strikes me the only thing keeping the wolves from the door is that the Vale loan is such a political hot potato.

However, this cannot go on and surely even Stoke-on-Trent City Council will not allow its investment of taxpayers’ money to be jeopardised further.

Let’s be clear: If Port Vale does go into administration then it will be because of the incompetence of the current board – nothing else.

Of course, the directors who have lied to, misled and manipulated fans, shareholders and club employees have now gone into hiding.

They refuse to talk to fans or the media and the chief executive is rarely seen at the club anymore because the truth of the board’s ineptitude is there for all to see.

Port Vale FC is a laughing stock and in very serious financial trouble and yet none of the organisations or individuals who could intervene have so far lifted a finger to help its fans.

Stoke-on-Trent North MP and Vale fan Joan Walley, the city council, the Football Association and the Football League have all been told what is going on and done nothing.

They fiddle and talk in platitudes while Vale Park burns.

Thus it is left to the Supporters’ Club and affiliated fans’ groups to rescue Port Vale from the not-so-fab-four.

When the EGM is finally called I’m confident the phantom U.S. investment, the issuing of ‘nil-paid’ shares, the shabby treatment of the Sproson family and the taking out of a dubious mortgage will spell the end for Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin.

One thought on “Those who could help fiddle while Vale Park burns

  1. Mike Lakin says:

    Yet more fuel to the fire against our treacherous board of directors but apart from the protesting fans and The Sentinel no-one else seems to give a jot. The council could act far more positively than they are choosing to do at this time. Keep up with your efforts, Martin. You have the respect of all ‘real’ Port Vale supporters. I truly believe that though we are presently bogged down, we will overcome.

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