Vale directors will reap what they have sown

Yesterday was yet another new low for me. The supporters froze their arses off for nowt.

Despite having most of the possession and dominating an admittedly poor game for long spells, our makeshift first 11 couldn’t beat a woeful Wimbledon team.

That it should come to this: A crowd of maybe 3,000 home fans in a stadium built for 20,000-plus (they factor the season ticket-holders into the actual attendance) watched as we were beaten by a team barely above pub league standard.

Even with the injuries and suspensions we should have had enough in the tank to beat Wimbledon.

However, we couldn’t convert any of a number of decent chances and there was no disguising the body language of our players when we conceded a ridiculously soft equaliser.

This isn’t the time to be talking about who is or isn’t good enough or who we need to get rid of in the summer.

The fact is this group of players is collectively bottling it. We’ve gone from promotion hopefuls to relegation candidates in a matter of weeks.

Yes we have injuries. Yes we have suspensions. Yes the board have failed to deliver the promised investment in the January transfer window.

However, there is simply no excuse for the lack of passion on the part of many of our players and the failure to take responsibility.

It’s not about luck. You make your own luck and it is high time Vale’s players stepped up to the mark.

Attandances are plummeting and although the desire to rid our club of the current directors is almost universal among the fanbase (96 to 98 per cent, depending on which measure you use), Messrs Miller, Deakin, Lloyd and Oliver are refusing to budge at present.

Tensions are running high. Some fans are venting their anger on fellow supporters for failing to take matters into their own hands. They want direct action.

But the reality is that there is no real appetite for demonstrations at present. This has nowt to do with the weather.

The truth is it’s the usual suspects outside the main entrance before and after every home game and I have great admiration for them.

At present there are a couple of dozen who care enough to stand there in the freezing cold chanting at the stewards and the odd copper.

In the meantime, Messrs Lloyd and Oliver smirk and wave from a window on high – safe behind a wall of stewards and a police escort to their vehicles.

Laugh it up, gentlemen. Make the most of it because your day of reckoning is coming and it starts with the letters EGM.

The wait may be frustrating but right is on the side of ordinary fans and shareholders and we will prevail.

Before that time comes, however, expect more smoke and mirrors…

*The moving of February’s AGM – ‘the first official function in the new Robbie Williams Suite’ (bear with me, I’ve bust a rib laughing)
*Expect another announcement of a spurious investment in the near future: A few hundred grand to keep the club ticking over while the debt chasm grows
Whatever the lesser-spotted Deakin and Miller and the increasingly obnoxious Lloyd and Oliver dream up, their demise is assured.
Let’s keep the faith, not fall out among ourselves and stick with the plan.
Let’s put together an overwhelming force of shareholders to sweep these muppets from power and insitute a new board comprising people with some honesty and integrity.
Preferably people who don’t ignore all the club’s customers and act entirely out of self-interest.

*The Blue Sky deal was pie in the sky
*Nil-paid shares were issued
*Directors were elected under false pretences
*Supporters were locked out of their own club
*Vale Park was mortgaged

Who knows what other horrors wait to be uncovered when we finally get a look at the books.

This board will surely reap what it has sown…

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4 thoughts on “Vale directors will reap what they have sown

  1. Steve, Helsinki says:

    “The AGM has moved from December to February, 8th. There has been criticism of this decision but equally, there has been quiet approval from some fans and supporter input certainly played a part in our decision. Basically, it is common sense to wait, and there are two reasons why: Firstly, we feel it is too early for the new board to fully answer questions from shareholders and supporters and in February, those of you present, will receive a much more comprehensive report including presentations on longer term projects. This will, of course, include answering questions on our first few months at the club. The new date is also a week after the transfer window closes so it is a convenient time to judge activity. The AGM is now at a time when we can answer your questions more comprehensively. It will also be the first official function in the new Robbie Williams’ suite prior to the home fixture with Crewe Alexandra on February 11th.” Peter Miller: 24/11/2011

    If the AGM happens on Feb 8, which I very much doubt, they are in for one hell of a difficult meeting given the words above. They will be judged “by their honesty and integrity”.

  2. mark burton says:

    Martin. Another great article and never a truer word spoken. Like you, I love Port Vale FC. All I want is to see this club run by the right people – people with ideas to take this club forward and also players that can show heart and willing to play for the shirt.

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