Who cares if they announce new money? The Vale board’s time is up…

As predicted by many observers weeks ago, the Port Vale board has put back the club’s annual meeting for a second time.

It would be nice to know why they have done so, but the twaddle put out on the club’s website: “This short delay is necessary to complete dealing with the consequences of recent events and manage various club operational requirements”, told us nothing. It’s barely even English.

In my opinion the board’s motivation is fuelled entirely by self-interest. Saddled with an ever mounting debt and terrified of facing Vale fans, the directors continue to hide, squirm and delay.

Apparently Messrs Deakin and Oliver will step down on March 13.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but I hope they do and they never darken Vale’s door again.

As for Mike Lloyd and the lesser-spotted Peter Miller, who knows what the future holds for them?

Miller, who lied about having put money into the club and was elected to the board under false pretences, hasn’t been seen since he signed the now infamous document which mortgaged Vale Park and breached the terms of the council loan agreement. How on earth can he continue to be a director?

Surely even someone as creative and obstinate as Miller must realise his position is untenable after being sacked as chairman by his fellow directors.

Meanwhile, Lloyd remains in denial about his irrefutable culpability for the shambles of recent months.

How he believes he can remain in post is beyond me, but he has already declared his intention to do so.

This is the man who, a few days before The Sentinel broke the news that the Blue Sky deal was dead and was never what the club had claimed it to be, said he thought Miller was doing “a great job” and was worth his £100,000 plus remuneration package.

In Lloyd World – a parallel universe for the terminally-deluded – the blame for the failure of the Blue Sky deal, the issuing of nil-paid shares and the mortgaging of our club is everyone else’s fault but his.

In the real world, all this happened on Lloyd’s watch. Surely this is not a man who should be left to make decisions effecting Port Vale’s very survival?

In an attempt to prolong his tenure, my guess is that Lloyd is about to reveal another “new investment” – maybe one which actually involves someone paying for the shares issued to Messrs Miller and Deakin. Or not.

But who cares? I mean it. Who actually cares anymore what this board tell us via the club’s website?

Hands up who actually believes a word they say?

Last week The Sentinel submitted at least 10 questions to the club addressing the pertinent issues that most concern fans. When Vale got around to answering, the most common response was: “no comment”.

I believe that clearly illustrates the contempt with which the club’s support is held by this board.

Nothing and no-one can redeem this current board in the eyes of the vast majority of Vale fans.

Having watched their makeshift team be humiliated by a very poor Wimbledon side at home last Saturday, is it any wonder Vale fans are losing the will to live?

The EGM really can’t come soon enough.

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2 thoughts on “Who cares if they announce new money? The Vale board’s time is up…

  1. Tony Davies says:

    Brilliant article Martin.
    This lot are a real embarrassment to our football club and have lost the complete trust of the fans.

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