Don’t blame Vale fans for club’s financial woes: It’s entirely the board’s fault

Unbelievably, in a new low for Port Vale’s desperate, discredited board, they have now attempted to lay the blame for the club’s financial woes on its long-suffering supporters.

Even for four blokes who have demonstrated contempt for fans time and time again, this assertion plumbs new depths.

A statement issued to the BBC’s Late Kick-off programme, but not Vale’s local media outlets, reads: “Supporters’ campaigns over the past 12 months have seriously damaged the club’s income.”

Of course, the board should be asking themselves what they have done to force fans to take such drastic action.

Let’s examine the latest spin to emerge from the embattled directors, shall we?

This is a board which this week advertised for a media officer to “maximise overall positive PR for the club”, but can’t find tuppence ha’penny for any loan players.

At least we know where their priorities lie, eh?

Displaying breathtaking ignorance, the board’s statement includes the paragraph: “The club has already announced that two directors will step down at the AGM in March and would appeal for patience while plans for new directors are put in place.”

No, gentlemen. I’m afraid that won’t wash. No Vale supporter or shareholder in their right mind wants Messrs Lloyd and Miller to carry on in post.

Simply jettisoning Perry Deakin and Glenn Oliver isn’t enough.

Peter Miller and Mike Lloyd are so far beyond redemption in the eyes of the fanbase that for them to think they can continue as directors is laughable.

Unless, of course, Lloyd believes Miller – whom he sacked as chairman in December – is still doing “a fantastic job”.

The club’s statement goes on to patronise us all further, saying: “The board understands the frustration of supporters, but appeals to all fans to continue to support the team during such a critical time of the season.”

No, gentlemen. You don’t understand at all.

If you did, you wouldn’t be hiding away like cowards and ignoring the will of 98 per cent of your customers.

Let’s be clear, some Vale fans are making the ultimate sacrifice by staying away because they won’t put another penny into the club’s coffers while this bunch of clowns are in charge.

Meanwhile, potential investors won’t touch the club with a barge pole because it is a financial basket case thanks to the current regime.

Mercifully, after a frustrating few weeks I finally feel we are getting somewhere.

On the field we picked up a much-needed three points at Rotherham.

More of the same tomorrow, please lads.

Perhaps more importantly, however, the Supporters’ Club is now ready to press ahead with the crucial EGM which we hope will finally sweep the obstinate Lloyd and his cronies from power.

That’s if the city council, the local MP or Staffordshire Police don’t get to them first.

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