Ask the nay-sayers what they are doing to protect Port Vale

Are you nervous? I’m nervous. The truth is I’m losing a lot of sleep because of Port Vale at the moment.

You see, it doesn’t matter how hard the Supporters’ Club committee works. It doesn’t matter if everything we do is done for the right reasons.

The fact is there are no certainties in any of this. Whichever way we dress it up, the campaign for change is a huge gamble.

As one of my colleagues put it: “You’re playing a very dangerous game.”

He’s right. But what choice do we have? Would he rather we all just give up and melt away – leaving Port Vale to the vultures?

Who knows if we will be successful in our stated aim of booting out Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin and instituting an interim board at the forthcoming EGM?

Who knows if we will even need an EGM – given the pressure building up on the obstinate Mike Lloyd?

I sincerely hope we don’t and that he leaves Boslem with his cronies well before the middle of March.

But what if we do get to an EGM?

An interim board may simply recommend a short-term cash injection only to find there’s no-one who wants to put money into the club.

For all we know Vale’s finances may be in such a parlous state that administration is the only viable option for an interim board.

Some people suggest Port Vale may already be trading insolvently. There’s certainly evidence of unpaid bills aplenty.

The fact is the campaign for change is genuinely heading into uncharted territory where the risks are many and varied.

Frustratingly, there will always be those fans who have sat idly by through the whole process – slating the current board and bemoaning the actions of the Supporters’ Club while offering no alternative to the status quo.

There will always be the nay-sayers. People who say ‘not in my name’. People who don’t attend Supporters’ Club meetings but pick holes in the candidates for an interim board and provide no solutions of their own.

The fact is, however, we can either trust to the current incumbents to do what is best for Port Vale or we can take our chances with people who genuinely have the club’s best interests at heart.

I’m for the latter option.

Just as it should, the Supporters’ Club has taken the key role in driving the campaign for change at our club in recent months.

During that time the Supporters’ Club has gone from being a small collection of individuals accused of not being representative of the fanbase to a large organisation with a membership of more than 1,000.

This includes literally hundreds of the club’s shareholders.

People can say what they like about the SC committee, but no-one can say they haven’t tried their damnedest to be open and transparent. No-one can say they have acted out of self-interest.

No-one can say they have backed any particular candidate to take over at Port Vale.

The truth is the Supporters’ Club committee is a collection of Vale fans. Well-meaning and hard-working but certainly not football club experts, financial gurus or legal eagles.

What the Supporters’ Club has tried to do is bring together people with the relevant skills and expertise to take the club forward.

Sure, mistakes have been made. You can’t please all the people all of the time.

However, I can assure Vale fans that whatever happens in the coming months the Supporters’ Club will do them proud because it is run by people who care.

So the next time you hear or read someone having a pop at the Supporters’ Club or the protesters outside the main entrance, you might want to put them straight.

Better still, ask them what they are doing to protect our club from the current regime.

It is a time for courage. We will prevail because we have to. We’re Vale aren’t we?

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9 thoughts on “Ask the nay-sayers what they are doing to protect Port Vale

  1. Tony Davies says:

    Another great article, Martin, with the most relevant sentence being that the Supporters’ Club is run by people who care – which is more that can be said for the current board.

  2. Tony Brindley says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Martin.
    Good will win over evil and right will win over wrong. The Supporters’ Club will be victorious and Port Vale will move on to better times.
    Thanks Martin to yourself, all of the committee, various organisations and protesters.
    Kindest regards,

  3. Dave Berry says:

    Yet another superb, factual article Martin. We have all got to stand together now. Let’s hope all protests are co-ordinated through the PVSC with no risk of further fan arrests. A massive thank you to PVSC and keep the faith!

  4. conrad stonier. says:

    Yet again another superb article, Martin. Then we see utter dross from Gary Lloyd and Richard Murphy in today’s Sentinel. I despair.

  5. Mike Lakin says:

    My thoughts exactly, Martin. It’s all so frustrating.
    I was accused of being the reason the club was going into administration on Saturday by one moron clutching his ticket as if his life depended upon it as I was heading with Gaz Benson to ‘The Vine’ for a couple of pints of ‘Lemon Dream’.
    When I replied that yes ‘I am an evil Starve ’em outer’ he called me a w*nker. Just as I was about to part his head from his body a steward jumped in and saved his life (and me from being arrested).
    The sad thing is he really believes he is helping Port Vale. Very sad, isn’t it?

  6. melvyn williams says:

    Well done Martin and the SC. We all have a view as to the best way forward. I read with dismay the comments by fan Gary Lloyd in The Sentinel today. He says the SC assumed that all fans are in favour of their plans. Gary says ‘well, I don’t support them’ and claims he knows at least THREE other people who don’t either. Well done, Gary. You know three people that agree with you. Well I know well over 3,000 people that don’t agree with you.

  7. The Legal Beagle says:

    Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw

    Keep the faith – LB

  8. Just because we are not at the vale protesting before and after the game (because our low-paid job does’t allow us to attend the game – therefore think it pointless to go Vale at 2pm to stand around til everyone goes into the ground then waitun til full-time when everyone else comes out to stand round after for an hour) and because we don’t attend supporters club meetings (I’m always at work when they are on and the short notice we are given isn’t enough for me to organise cover) doesn’t mean we do not care.
    I get the supporters club newsletter sent to my e-mail. I make sure I read it. I proudly bought a Black and Gold scarf. I inform other football fans of the great work that is done by those that can attend games and that can go meetings. I like to think that I am there in soul. I have a work colleague that is lucky enough to get to meetings and the occasional game. I always ask him for updates from the meetings.
    Just because there is only a few hundred at the protests and meetings does not make them the minority – in fact, those few have the majority backing them and supporting them behind the scenes.

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