Port Vale shareholders won’t fall for the old ‘new investor’ ploy twice

Many people must be wondering what the hell is going on behind the scenes at Port Vale Football Club.
We know Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin are avoiding fans, the media and our MP and using the threatened legal action by the Supporters’ Club as an excuse not to talk to people.
Let’s be clear: No legal action has yet been taken. A solicitor has written to Vale’s directors requesting documents to which shareholders are legally entitled. End of story.
There is no reason whatsoever why Mr Lloyd, for example, cannot communicate with us – other than the fact that he knows every time he or his colleagues open their mouths they put their feet in them.
The fact is, as I write this, no-one from the board has even had the courtesy to acknowledge that letter – or the other one asking for an EGM to be called.
At present the directors are doing a faithful impression of a group of ostriches – burying their heads in the sand while kicking some of it in the faces of fans and shareholders.
Something will give soon. It has to.
You see, in order for the club to function properly beyond March 13, Mr Lloyd has to find at least two new directors to replace Messrs Oliver and Deakin (possibly three given the fact that Peter Miller’s position is untenable).
This is, of course, unless the board postpones the AGM for a third time – which wouldn’t surprise me in the least given that the club is well overdue publishing its accounts.
So the question is: Who would be naive enough to throw their lot in with the most unpopular men in Burslem?
Of course, if he does find an ‘investor’ then that person would have to be voted on to the board by a majority of the club’s shareholders.
I would suggest that is highly unlikely at the moment – given the grand alliance of shareholders who want the entire board gone.
People are not going to fall for the ‘he/she/they’ve put a few hundred grand into the club so please vote for them’ line this time around.
No thanks Mr Lloyd, I’ll take my chances with an interim board whose first job would be to open up the books and tell us exactly how bad the club’s finances are in the wake of months of poor management.
I see absolutely no alternative to this – unless anyone wants to continue with a potless club under lock-down.
At least we’ve won two games on the bounce, eh? Keep it up, lads (and Micky) because right now the last couple of results is all we have to smile about.


One thought on “Port Vale shareholders won’t fall for the old ‘new investor’ ploy twice

  1. peter johansen says:

    Martin: Well said, again. It is my belief that this board live in a parallel universe – one in which they are actually doing a good job. Unfortunately we live in this universe and the reality is that they have all but destroyed our club.
    My message to you – Messrs Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin and Miller – is that, one way or another, you are out this time round.

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