The more Mike Lloyd talks about Port Vale the bigger hole he digs for himself

I dare say you will struggle to find a more breathtaking abdication of responsibility.

Mike Lloyd’s 55-minute interview with BBC Radio Stoke was remarkable for a number of reasons – not least the fact that he never once admitted he had done anything wrong or had the decency to apologise to Vale supporters for the current mess.

Mr Lloyd’s total lack of empathy with the fans was quite staggering. Meanwhile, his excuses for the numerous failings of his regime had more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Vale’s acting Chairman broke cover for the first time in six weeks to speak to Radio Stoke.

This is because very soon he will be attempting to foist another couple of ‘investors’ on to Vale’s shareholders to shore up his doomed board.

Like an absent politician who suddenly reappears on your doorstep a couple of weeks before the election, Mr Lloyd gave a pre-recorded interview because he was ‘too busy’ to appear live on the radio.

Shame that – because his fellow panelists would have eaten him alive.

Until Tuesday, of course, Mr Lloyd had previously ignored questions submitted on behalf of fans by the Supporters’ Club and repeated requests for an interview by local media outlets.

Doing his very best impression of a startled rabbit in the headlights, our acting Chairman delivered a master-class in obfuscation.

According to Mr Lloyd’s version of events, we are expected to believe that:

*He had nothing to do with the Blue Sky deal
*He had nothing to do with the appointment of Peter Miller or Miller’s ridiculous remuneration package
*He knew nothing of the Gibraltar loan agreement
*He has been speaking to supporters (all three of them – after the Wimbledon game)
*The club’s parlous financial situation is entirely the fault of stay-away fans (as opposed to the board’s abject failure to bring in any new investment)
*He has never misled supporters (despite being the man who wrote to shareholders and helped Messrs Deakin and Miller get elected to the board under false pretences)

I could go on… The beauty of the interview was that the more Mr Lloyd spoke and the more he blamed everyone else for Vale’s problems, the bigger hole he dug for himself.

Indeed, I did wonder what Bill Bratt, Peter Miller and Hank Julicher thought of his finger-pointing.

Surely Mr Lloyd was either party to the aforementioned disasters and is therefore culpable – or he didn’t know about them in which case I would suggest he has spectacularly failed as a director.

Either way, I actually only have one question to put to him: Mike, do you need a hand with your packing?

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6 thoughts on “The more Mike Lloyd talks about Port Vale the bigger hole he digs for himself

  1. Mike Lakin says:

    Martin, with regard to your last comment: He probably doesn’t know where his packing case is!
    If he is to be believed that he knew nothing about so many of the dire chain of events that have gone on at Port Vale recently, then I truly wonder why he is on the board. This is especially poigniant when he was, in fact, the Chairman up to Miller’s dubious appointment.
    Why doesn’t he admit that two desperate men (he and Oliver) were well and truly duped by two despicable football journeymen.
    In fact, does Port Vale want a director who appears to ‘know nothing’? This may of worked at ‘Fawlty Towers’ for Manuel but will not appease fans at Fawlty Vale.

  2. Another great article that tells it as it is, Martin. Or, should i say, Lloyd told it has he sees it and made such a baffoon out of himself on his Radio broadcast earlier this week. As Mike has stated, Lloyd is the Manuel, ie. ‘I a know a nutin’. He is a complete idiot.

  3. peter johansen says:

    If Lloyd can’t afford his taxi to take him away from Vale Park, I will carry him to wherever he wants to go. The sooner the better.

  4. Tony Davies says:

    I’m finding it hard to decide who is the worse Chairman – Mr Bratt or Mr Lloyd. I do know this: They weren’t in the job for the benefit of Port Vale. They both should hang their heads in shame for being instrumental in bringing Miller and Deakin to the club.

  5. I’m still trying to work out which was the more cringeworthy – on the stage at Baddeley Green Workingmen’s Club or the interview on the radio. Either way it is like a scene from the 80s show Game For A Laugh – but with no end.

  6. melvyn williams says:

    If you don’t go by the next EGM, Mr Lloyd, then the stay away supporters will increase to a point that it will be impossible for you or our club to survive. So, in the immortal words of the Moody Blues: GO NOW.

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