Vale fans: Give me your messages and I’ll hand them all to Mike Lloyd on March 13

On February 21 more than 250 people packed out Smallthorne Victory WMC as Port Vale Supporters’ Club presented its interim board candidates to the fans – as it had promised to do.
The gloves are now off as we head towards the long-awaited EGM which will hopefully remove the current discredited Port Vale board.
On March 13 at Vale Park, as a shareholder and journalist, I intend to present Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin (well, whoever turns up…) with a petition from the fans who are the lifeblood of our club.
Please leave your comments on this blog post – along with your name, age, details of shareholding or how long you have been a Vale fan.
I will add them to mine (and Wilkesy’s) and let’s shame these people out of our club.
Many thanks,


Dear Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin. After months of lies, misleading statements and missed deadlines I implore you to step down. You are ruining Port Vale football club and alienating its fanbase. After the nil-paid shares fiasco, the Blue Sky shambles, the scandal of the chairman’s remuneration package, the shameful treatment of Roy Sproson’s family and the mortgaging of Vale Park (among other horrific mistakes), I and the vast majority of supporters and shareholders want you to leave.

Martin Tideswell, Aged 39, Vale season ticket holder and shareholder

Martin, I’m with you all the way with Port Vale. All you true Vale fans need to let our voices be heard and get our club back.

Jonny Wilkes

122 thoughts on “Vale fans: Give me your messages and I’ll hand them all to Mike Lloyd on March 13

  1. Tom Amos says:

    You have ruined this football club for many generations of fans. Some fans last remembrances of the club will be this sorry state of affairs. Some fans will start their years supporting a team riddled with financial difficulty and protests. And other fans will have seen very good days and now very dark and dull days! TIME TO GET OUT OF OUR CLUB! NOW!!!!

    Tom Amos, 20, shareholder, Avid supporter of Starve ‘Em out!

  2. Dear Mssrs Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin and Miller:
    You have continually misled and angered the fans and shareholders of our club. Please leave the club quickly and quietly before this festering anger creates unpleasant circumtances for yourselves and puts our club into the headlines for the wrong reasons. The fans are already wondering what you are hiding by holding on to your seats. Can Mr Oliver keep his word and step down at the AGM and keep some dignity?

    Eddie Bradeley, 43, 32 years supporting Port Vale FC

  3. Chris Edge says:

    Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin: You are an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE! You tried to scheme and get Blue Sky to fund shares knowing that this goes against articles of association as they would be deemed to be “working together”. Even now you still do not insist that they cough up when good honest fans have put their hands into their pocket knowing that they will never see what is a large amount of money to the average person (but small in the grand scheme of things). All of you renounce responsibility; Lloyd doesn’t ever know anything, Deakin was just doing what he was told, Oliver is working day and night to save the club from the fans (in spite of only coming to the ground on match days?), and let’s not forget Miller. You, sir, have been caught out and hopefully nobody will ever let you near their business again! All of you only care about self-preservation. If you were a fan, Glenn Oliver, you would not allow this to continue! But you are a deluded idiot. You are holding our club back, but fear not: Judgement Day is coming.

    Chris Edge

  4. Adrian Walker says:

    Lloyd, Oliver, Miller, Deakin:
    I implore you to listen to the paying customers – the number of which are quickly shrinking and will continue to under your tenure. Leave now and allow us to raise our club back to what we aspire to – not as a vehicle purely for self-gratification. Customers are always right and on this occasion never more so. Leave NOW.

    Adrian Walker. Season Ticket holder since 1989. Aged 50.

    • Ben Morris, supporter since 1986. Aged 30. says:

      Oliver: You encouraged fans to become shareholders to have a voice, yet you try your best to ensure they remain mute and their wishes are denied. We are not a ‘fan-run club’. That illusion ended the day the poll vote system was introduced. You are arrogant, patronising and self-serving. Re-visit the V2001 charter, reflect and then come back with your views on how YOU have performed as a director during your term in office.

      Lloyd: You play dumb and claim you have not misled shareholders. Did you make them aware that Miller and Deakins shares were nil paid? Did you make them aware that Deakin and Miller were never intending to pay for their shares themselves, Blue Sky were? Did you tell them that the Blue Sky deal was worth £500k not £8m? Now tell me you didn’t mislead fans. Be under no illusions, you’re position is untenable and you must leave now.

      Deakin: You’re a proven liar. You spin away in the hope that fans will believe you. You told fans that an independent person would come to the club to confirm your shares had been paid for. How’s that going, by the way? Have YOU paid for them yet?

      Miller: You came to the club at a time when we were “on the brink of administration” (your words), then orchestrated a deal whereby you paid nothing into the club, took £100k + benefits out of the club, and then ploughed us into even more debt secured against our main asset – thus breaking the terms of the loan with our largest creditor. Just go. You’re a disgrace and not welcome in our club in any way shape or form.

      Ben Morris, supporter since 1986. Aged 30.

  5. Howard Yorke says:

    We never expected to be in The Champions League but we also never expected you to take us as low as we are now – on and off the field. Mr Lloyd, Mr Miller, Mr Deakin and especially the so-called Vale fan Mr Oliver – you should all be ashamed of yourselves. But that would mean you have some shame. Please leave, you disgusting ‘men’.

    Howard York

  6. Kevin Reynolds says:

    Accept the mandate from the majority of supporters to leave our beloved club. You have proven over a period of time that you have nothing to offer the club and the longer you are here the more hate there will be against you. Through adversity becomes strength. You are about to find this out.

    Kevin Reynolds. SeasonTicket/Shareholder 46 years

  7. chriis weir says:

    After your years of total mismanagement and failure you had your chance to step aside when Mo and Mark offered to buy shares. Your failure to take advantage of that fantastic offer was just the start of your downward slide into ever more disgusting, self-serving behaviour. The club now stands on the brink – solely due to the board’s disgraceful conduct. Hopefully it is not to late to save Port Vale and hopefully those responsible for the current situation will be held to account.

    Chris Weir

  8. richard wakelin says:

    V2001 saved the club from possible extinction. It is unfortunate that this legacy has been tainted by the current board doing what those they replaced did before 2001 – hanging on too long! The time is right to stop the in-fighting and back-biting and now allow a new body to bring the club together. Secrecy and lies do not allow for a stable club. Please allow the club to move on before it is too late.

    Richard Wakelin

  9. Dear Mssrs Lloyd, Oliver, Miller and Deakin:
    Please resign as directors of PVFC and allow a new board with fresh ideas to take the club forward. During the past twelve months you’ve been, at best, economical with the truth or worse – particularly with regards to new investment in the club and the ‘nil-paid shares’. These are two issues that go to the very heart of the survival of an institution that means so much to many people in Stoke-on-Trent and beyond. Whatever happens at the AGM/EGM you will never be trusted again. You have lost the confidence of the supporters. If you remain the club will continue to decline so please go now while there is still a club to be saved. There is simply nothing left for any of you at PVFC.

    Paul Rafferty, aged 57, 51 years supporting PVFC.

  10. This completely discredited board (Perry Deakin, Mike Lloyd, Peter Miller and Glenn Oliver) have completely betrayed the trust that many shareholders put in them. I sincerely hope that no other organisation will trust any of them to be in any position of authority ever again.
    I am saddened but not shocked by this board’s inability to do the right thing and resign without the need (nor indeed expense) of an EGM. Every poll conducted on the supporter-base shows that around 96 to 97% of Port Vale fans are furious with their antics and want them to leave the club. Now that their self-serving, below-the-belt and deliberately misleading actions have been exposed they simply have no credibility left.
    If they had any shred of decency they would have left already. But as they haven’t – I would like to express my own personal disgust and contempt at their actions. They have damaged the reputation of a well-respected football club and they should be thoroughly ashamed of their self-serving actions.
    My message to the board?
    “Get out of our club: You are no longer welcome.”

    Rob Fielding
    Founder of, Port Vale fan for 32 years and shareholder

  11. ALAN HEATH says:

    Mr Oliver, Mr Lloyd, Mr Deakin and Mr Miller I respectfully ask you to leave PVFC immediately. Over time you and others have been responsible for the demise of our club. There is new investment waiting in the wings to move the club forward. You all need to vacate your positions forthwith to allow this to happen.
    Please leave so that the club can move forward and have a real chance of survival and allow Micky Adams to move the team forward, and new owners to move the club forward. The alternative is there will be no club.

    Alan Heath

  12. John Amos (hamil Carpets) says:

    So you have always advocated that to help Port Vale you should have a say and buy some shares, Oliver. How do the antics of Miller and Deakin sit with your ethos now? Nil-paid shares, not a penny put into the club. The shameful and disgusting berating of ordinary fans who have supported this club for a generation and more for not buying shares then you openly back these ‘no-marks’ who have no affinity for our great club. Shame on you, Lloyd and Oliver! Two choices: Either be voted off or face the ignomy of taking our club into administration and losing your shareholding because there won’t be many season tickets sold if you succeed at the EGM.

    John Amos, Hamil Carpets

  13. Lee Brookes says:

    22 years ago I visited Vale Park for the first time. It was an off-the-cuff visit, but one which would change my life forever. On that day, a love affair began, between myself and Port Vale Football Club. What was it that attracted me to PVFC? It wasn’t the prettiest, or most fashionable, but there was definately a spark.
    As the years passed the love affair grew. There were happy times, there were sad times, but whatever happened we were always there for each other.
    As my career started, we drifted apart for a few years, but I felt safe in the knowledge that others would continue to love and cherish the club, just as I had, particularly as the ‘supporters’ now owned the club.
    Several years went by before I would return to my spiritual Saturday home; Vale Park. What I saw was almost unrecognisable from what I’d left. The half a new stand that had replaced the old Lorne Street, where I had first stood all those years ago, seemed to be joined by only half a team. Where were the Foyles, Naylors, Guppys and McCarthys of the past?
    I knew at this point that those that had been charged with caring for my club in my absence had not done a good gob, Far from it. They had lurched from one disaster to the next. The club was battered and bruised, with sticking plasters there for all to see, a clear indications of the cracks within the club.
    Promises came and went. £1.5m here, £8m there. Wow, some said, only for scepticism of others to be proven correct. Port Vale Football Club was clearly not ‘For Us All’ any longer, but ‘For Us Few’.
    Currently we have Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin at the helm, to whom my message is this: Port Vale is OUR club, not yours. We shall overcome, Port Vale shall be great again, and I can see a whole new love affair grow, between my children and PVFC. This cannot happen whilst you continue to ruin all that is held dear to me and many thousands of others.

    Lee Brookes

  14. A Turner says:

    Please just leave our club. From V2001 to what now exists in the the form of MOLD has slowly but surely killed the great club of Port Vale! Gone are our days of beating teams like Everton and Tottenham. Gone are the days of beating Stoke and Walsall for fun. But we want them back and nothing will stop us achieving our aim of removing you, Mr Oliver, Mr Deakin, Mr Miller, Mr Lloyd and Mr Lodey plus any remnants of V2001! We won’t stop til you are gone. So please just leave now. Take your oppurtunity and never again return to Vale Park. In fact, never even return to Burslem for you will be forever hated for bringing the darkest days upon our club through your lies and financial ‘issues’. We are Port Vale and we are taking OUR club back!

    Ash Turner

  15. ted mansfield says:

    I cannot understand why you as the board of PVFC want to cling on to power when it is patently obvious that the vast majority of fans do not want you. You have no chance of being successful if you cannot take the fans with you. I have for years bought season tickets, retail products from the club shop and – when the opportunity arose – bought shares. If you are in charge next season you can be assured that this is one customer you will lose. I believe that I will not be the only one.

    Ted Mansfield

  16. sarah watkin says:

    I have been a season ticket holder along with my father and two children up until last season. The time has come for the present board to step aside before administration hits us so hard we can not come back. Let the club be run properly, let the fans return and the old days of pride in our club manifest themselves once again.

    Sarah Watkin

  17. Jacob Williams says:

    I am 18 and have been a Vale season ticket holder since I was seven. Well, that was until this season! Because of you Perry Deakin, Peter Miller, Glenn Oliver and Mike lloyd I am very quickly losing interest in Port Vale and I know for a fact I am not the only one! You are very quickly killing the club I love!!!! GET OUT OF OUR CLUB!

    Jacob Williams

  18. Martyn Kerr says:

    Our once great club is a sleeping giant under the stewardship of selfish, tyrannical monsters. Get out if our club.

    Martyn Kerr, lifelong supporter of 23 years

  19. William Swift Vale supporter since 1969 says:

    All things have their time and yours (MOLD) has definitely been and gone. If you do not step down, what then? You have proven time and again that you have no credible plan to even keep Vale as a going concern, let alone give the fans a modicum of success. How can any business survive when it is at loggerheads with 96% of its customers. The end for you all is inevitable, your only choice is when. Make it now.

    Williams Swift, Port Vale supporter since 1969

  20. Your time IS up. It’s time to pack-in, pack your bags and go. Bye Bye. Your ignorance, incompetence, arrogance and selfishness has caught up with you at long last. You have outstayed your welcome.
    You asked us to buy shares if we wanted a voice. Many did so. When you knew that our voice at the last EGM wanted you out you went and bought more shares to gain more votes. You were warned about Harlequin, Ameriturf, Peter Miller and Perry Deakin. But, true to form, and because these warnings came from shareholders and fans, these warnings were all ignored. Now look at the situation. You were warned about a lack of season ticket sales. If you think they are low this season wait and see how low they will be next season if you lot remain. In truth all that you have created is SEO, Black and Gold, a split fanbase, protests, extra security, extra policing including police escorts and taxi services, and more debt.
    If you remain I suggest you get ready to honour the personal guarantees that you signed.

    Bye bye. Melv.

    Melvyn Finnemore. Aged 53. Ex-shareholder (due to the embarrassing, ignorant, arrogant, selfish actions of the board). A season ticket holder for more than 20 years

  21. Matthew Shone says:

    Lloyd, Deakin, Miller and Oliver: You must leave OUR club. You have failed to listen to the fans, and they are Port Vale. We want our club back. Lies, lies and more lies is all you have done whilst in power, and now that is turning to silence. Leave now as you are not welcome!

    Matthew Shone

  22. Tim Barber says:

    Dear MOLD, I have supported the Vale for 43 of my 46 years and can’t remember a time when the club was run in such a shambolic way as it is now. I worked alongside some past and present board members in setting up the Supporters’ Club up with the help of many other good people. All have been alienated by your actions. I know from personal experience the number of investors you have turned away with no sound reasons and now you cling on to power but with no hope of being able to turn the club around. If you survive the EGM I will wash my hands of the club and watch while you kill it. You are not Vale fans and neither are Bratt and Jackson. You are all no better than low-life leaches and parasites.

    Tim Barber

  23. Jonathan Niewiadomski says:

    Thanks to your absolutely disgusting actions and lies you are gradually eating away at the one great love of my life. Get out immediately so that the FANS (to whom the club belongs) can heal the wounds you have inflicted on this football club and the community and move on from the darkest days in our history before its ruined for another generation of supporters.

    Jonathan Niewiadomski, Aged 20, Vale supporter of 10 years

  24. Glen Manby says:

    Over the last few years this and the previous board have not only nearly killed my passion, but also that of the vast majority of fans and shareholders for their club. However, through the likes of the SC, NLV, B&G and SEO we still have a flicker of hope. The current/previous board through mismanagement have plunged the club further and further into debt. During this time we (the fans and shareholders) have been totally misled in numerous ways which has had not only a detrimental effect on supporters and shareholders but also the playing side of the club. I urge you all to step down for the sake of all that care so much for Port Vale Football Club.

    Glen Manby, Bucknall

  25. Tony Brindley says:

    The Port Vale Game when the team beat Swansea 2-1 was on the old ground in Hanley in 1946 and I have been an addicted Vale fan for approximately 60 years. I am rapidly losing interest due to the deceit, broken promises and bad business application by the board of directors during the last few years. It is time that the 24.9 per cent ruling was scrapped to allow an astute business person or persons to guide the club towards better times.
    Messrs Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin and Miller: If you have any feelings of caring for PVFC please step down to allow progress to commence.

    Tony Brindley, Aged 70

  26. Neil Jones ( Fan since 1976 ) says:

    Just for once take a bit of notice of the fans and leave before it turns nasty. You all know what you have been doing but, for the life of me, I don’t know how you expected people to just go along with it all. TIME TO GO!!!!

    Neil Jones, Fan since 1976

  27. David gould says:

    To the board: In my 26 years of going to Port Vale, I have been high, low, ecstatic, confused and experienced many other emotions. I never thought I would put ‘ashamed’ on to that list. I am embarrassed that the club I love has become a laughing stock within and outside this city. No more. Please do the only thing that could possibly see a positive future for our club and leave. I don’t want to be ashamed any more.

    David Gould

  28. Mike Smith says:

    If you remain in your roles you will split the club in half – eventually killing it. But we, the fans, will get us back up into League One where we should be and would be if you had accepted just one of the many reasonable offers for the club. Just go.

    Mike Smith, lives in Buxton. Vale fan since 1967

  29. Alex Steventon says:

    Please get out of our club right now! I absolutely hate all four of you after what you have done to OUR football club over the past six months. How four men can destroy a football club in such little time is beyond me. I beg you now, Glenn, Perry, Peter and Mike: Leave Port Vale FC now and let someone take over who actually knows what they are doing!

    Alex Steventon

  30. kelly lambert says:

    As a life-long Vale fan I am saddened and upset that you have run our club into the ground. Do the right thing and get out so we can look forward.

    Kelly Lambert, Season ticket holder, aged 27

  31. Karen - Werrington - Vale fan since 1969 - Shareholder says:

    Are you all just thick skinned or just thick? You are not wanted so get out. PLEASE. For the sake of OUR club. The fight will go on no matter how long it takes. Don’t underestimate the grit and determination of Vale fans (yes fans) to get you out of OUR club.

    Karen – Werrington – Vale fan since 1969 and shareholder

  32. melvyn williams says:

    To Miller, Oliver, Lloyd, Deakin:
    You have all lied to the supporters
    You have deceived the supporters
    You have shown contempt for the supporters
    You have put our club in a perilous situation
    You have broken club rules with loans
    You have lied about investments
    You have lied to our manager (promise of new players)
    You have not done one thing to help the club
    Thus, I will brake your golden rule. I will tell you the truth. (I know this will be alien to the four of you)
    97 per cent of VALE supporters want you gone. The other three per cent must be on holiday.

    Melvyn Williams – Vale season ticket holder for 30 years

  33. Gav says:

    From the board to the commercial staff – totally inept. The only thing you consider is your next pay packet that is draining the life and soul from the club.

    Gavin Beeston

  34. danny says:

    MOLD: Get out of our club. You are ruining this great club of ours. We deserve better and you should be ashamed of ourselves.

    Daniel Sherwin

  35. David Smart says:

    Lloyd, Deakin, Miller and Oliver: As a third generation Port Vale fan, your antics whilst in charge of Port Vale have left me disheartened and disgusted. Yours and your predecessors’ slow destruction of a once proud football club as been painful to watch. Now is the time for the fans to unite and maybe Port Vale can rise from the ashes that are V2001. We do not want you, we do not need you, a ‘fan-run’ club has not worked and this is clear for everyone to see. So do what 97 per cent of Port Vale’s true fan base wish and leave. Hand over the reins to the people who care more for the club and less about themselves. Then maybe my sons can become 4th generation Vale fans and also have a club to be proud of.

    David Smart, age 37, third generation vale fan

  36. Carl Ziemann says:

    My message is simple: Mike Lloyd, Perry Deakin, Glenn Oliver, Peter Miller, you have destroyed our club with your appalling management, you have bled my club dry and now choose to hang on for self presevation.
    The sooner a major debt is called in and you lose your investment and anything else (homes, liberty) the better. Go. Go now and don’t soil Port Vale football Club again.
    If any of you remain in any capacity after March 13th I and many others will walk away from the club for good and allow it to die. Either way, your time is up.
    I would like to add, I personally will walk away if any interim board includes Meigh, Humphries or Thompstone. An interim board should be clean of any association with those who are there now.
    A clean break and nothing less is what’s needed – paving the way for the only man in my view who can take the club forward and who I would trust with my club: Mo Chaudry.

    Carl Ziemann

  37. Lee Colclough says:

    It has become painfully obvious that the four of you are no longer needed or wanted at PVFC. In my 30+ years as a Vale fan, season ticket holder, and shareholder, I have been lucky enough to witness some memorable occasions…..Anfield, Brighton, Everton, and of course Wembley. These were times I shared with my Father. As a Dad now myself, I couldn’t wait to share times with my son following Vale to glory !! Unfortunately, all my son has known is lies, failure, deceit and broken promises (and cold nights at Accrington, Stockport etc.) For the sake of the next generation of Vale fans, leave while you still have a shred of dignity, and give the club a chance to start again, and maybe, just maybe, my sons children will have a club to be proud of once again.

    Lee Colclough

  38. John says:

    Your probably not reading this. Just like you never read the other letters, emails etc. that I sent to the club. So I will keep this short: Naf off.


  39. Karl Fletcher says:

    Message to the present board:
    If you really are true Vale fans then you would step aside for the good of the club. I’ve been a Vale fan since my grandad and uncle started taking me in the late Seventies.
    I don’t know what it is about this club but it has a special feel about it and you and the board have slowly been taking this away.
    Go and go now so we can have our club back and make some history for those kids of the future to enjoy.

    Karl Fletcher, Aged 44, of Basford (Railway Paddock)

  40. Darren simcock says:

    Get out of our club. We will never let you kill our club. It is our club – nothing to do with you lot. If you have any morals you will walk away and let us make Port Vale the club it should be. Thanks for nothing.

    Darren Simcock

  41. Alan Ball says:

    I honestly thought that the Vale had turned the corner when we, the supporters, were told of the massive £8m deal, and the £350k share investment, coming into the club. But it all turned to dust when the truth came out that it was all talk. I was sceptical over the £8m – after all, if a deal seems too good to be true then it usually is. But the most unforgiveable thing was the taking of £350k worth of shares without paying a single penny for them. That is inexcusable. You have betrayed the trust of every single person connected with the Vale – from the manager down to the youngest supporter. You need to clear your desks and be escorted out of the club forever, never to return.
    A new board needs to be put in place to secure REAL investment before baliffs come knocking on the door. For God’s sake go now.

    Alan Ball, Aged 70, 62 years a supporter. Former season ticket holder

  42. Paul Sigley says:

    I can’t believe the selfishness of you four people running the Vale at the moment. The club is on the brink of administration as you bleed it dry for your own benefit. If you care at all about the people who support this club you should leave before you have no other choice. You have done enough damage already.

    Paul Sigley

  43. Peter Salmon season ticket holder and small shareholder. says:

    I have been a Vale fan since my dad took me in 1967. Most of those years I have had a season ticket. I even bought a season ticket belatedly this season when I mistakenly believed Mr Lloyd’s promises of change.
    I voted for Miller to go on the board when he ‘purchased’ his shares. How stupid does that make me feel?
    I can promise you one thing only: I will not give the club one penny until this present excuse for a board leave. Please MOLD leave now and save our club.

    Peter Salmon, Season ticket holder and shareholder

  44. carl barber says:

    MOLD: Get out of our club, you liars. What you have done to this club is unforgivable. Glenn, you say you r a Vale fan but you stood there and let Deakin and Miller do what they have done and you have even defended them. To say you are a Vale fan is an insult to all Vale fans.

    Time to go.

    Carl Barber

  45. Joe Baker says:

    Just clear off! Your positions are untenable. Accept it: You have killed Port Vale. Go away, and never, ever consider coming back. You are hated by all, and yet you cling on for power. You lie and mislead fans. Your time is up, scumbags. Clear off now.

    Joe Baker

  46. Justin Porter says:

    I’ve been a supporter for 35 years. Never have I felt so low supporting the club I love. Leave now and let the fans have some hope. Vtid!

    Justin Porter

  47. Linda mCaRDLE says:

    You have turned my love of Port Vale into hatred of you, the people who are ruining our club. Get you heads out of the sand and walk away. Walk away now so we, the fans, can try to bring some dignity back to our club. You have turned our club into a laughing stock through your greed and selfishness and you have taken us to depths we never thought possible. “For us All”? “For ourselves” should be your motto.
    Go now and NEVER look back.

    Linda Mcardle

  48. Steve Rowley says:

    Please give back the club to the true fans. You are destroying a fantastic club. If you had any thought for the club and the fans you would let the people who could take the club forward take over.

    Steven Rowley

  49. Dom bolton says:

    Nobody wants you at Port Vale. If you do not leave now, then your already messed up reputation will get worse. Worst of all you are killing our club from the core. Leave now or else it will get worse for you and us!

    Dom Bolton

  50. You are a destructive group with ability to cause conflict, division and apathy amongst every generation of Port Vale fan. Never has Port Vale sank so low and the blame clearly lies at your front doors (and caravan). Every week we are a laughing stock in football circles and sink to new depths. How you manage to keep this level of incompetence up is a miracle. Micky and the players laugh about you, supporters stay away and the Press have a field day. You must have sold more Sentinels for them than you know and the local radio station must love the way you are always available for comment. I only wish you would sit in the Bycars, Railway Stand/ Paddock, Lorne Street and feel the pain and suffering you have brought upon this great and historic club. However, the truth is to care you would have to have feelings – not be consumed by your own greed and self purpose. To sum up: You will be remembered for this and hopefully be punished the way you have punished us all – the lifeblood of Port Vale. We are the fans – ‘those trouble makers’. The fans that sing The Wonder Of You -our anthem and our bond. I am a leader of men on the frontline and we have a set of core values – selflessness, commitment, respect for others, loyalty, integrity, discipline and courage. You, sirs, have none. Please leave and leave the lights on. We may not get promoted, we may not be where we want but we are Port Vale, and as long as the lights are on someone will come in and the team will run out on a Saturday to The Wonder Of You and you lot will be a distant memory. I promise you this: If you think it is bad now, stand by – we are coming to take our club back.

    Lee Melvin

  51. Warren Park says:

    Your actions – independently or jointly – have drawn yourselves and the football club in to disrepute. On February 21, in a hall full of Port Vale supporters, not one of them thought you had competence or integrity. All trust in you has been lost. I appreciate that through your own decisions you either have investments in the club or liabilities to the club which are substantial. Many people in business cling to the last hope that they can bring success and recovery in these situations. You have completely alienated the supporters and shareholders. I can see no sign of business plans or investment that will take the club away from increasing debt and trading losses and you are not providing good governance (e.g. unacceptable delay in publishing the statement of accounts for 2010/11).
    The supporters will soon have the option to renew season tickets. I will not renew whilst you or your associates are in office. I believe that many other supporters will also not renew season tickets if you or your associates remain in office and therefore the club’s cash-flow will be seriously harmed in the coming months. Obviously, this poses a risk of administration following which you would be vigorously held to account and may be liable for any breaches of director’s duties. In contrast an interim board would be likely to secure a significant resurgence in support. Commanding the confidence of supporters, shareholders, creditors and potential new investors – with an interim board the club’s prospects might be considerably improved. I call on you to resign as directors and not to support the election of your associates as replacement directors.

    Warren Park

  52. Andy, Paddock of 25 years, no longer. says:

    Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin, Miller and Lodey:
    I once followed your every word. How daft I feel now.
    You, along with many, have been found guilty of the demise of a once proud club. Others we can blame, but YOU remain. You will be held to account for your actions. PVFC will no longer suffer as a result of your mismanagement. PVFC fans will take this club back and rebuild.
    You will not win the war.

    Get out of our club!

    Andy, Railway Paddock for 25 years but no longer

  53. Ian Fern says:

    To Bratt, Lloyd, Oliver, Miller, Jackson, Deakin and Meigh: This is the legacy you have left for Port Vale:

    1) A tripling of the club’s debt
    2) Our lowest league position in more than 25 years
    3) Presiding over our worst ever FA cup defeat
    4) Appointing two of the most hated managers in the club’s history
    5) The rejection of record investment into the club which was not reliant on grants/loans etc.
    6) Splitting the fanbase (something that I never thought would happen and fear will never be repaired)
    7) Creation of a board on which half the directors havent invested a single penny
    8) The spectacular collapse of the Blue Sky investment deal (which was never what it was cracked up to be)
    9) The taking on of a mortgage of £277k which breached the terms of the council loan deal
    10) Writs coming in from all angles (Harlequin, Regal Sports)

    But, like Oliver has said: “I’ve never had it so good!”

    Whether or not you win at the EGM is now academic as your exploits have driven so many fans away that come season ticket renewal time it will be a case of ‘will the last one switch the lights off’.
    I’d be amazed if any of you can sleep straight.

    Ian Fern, Shareholder and ex-season ticket holder (32 years)

  54. To the selfish four who are ruining Port Vale: Please go. I don’t think you have any morals at all otherwise you would get out. You are holding the club back with your selfish attitude. You will hopefully get what you deresrve at the AGM/EGM. I have watched the Vale – the club I love – for more than 50 years. Please let someone like Mo Chaudry and Mark Sims take over.

    Dave Proctor

  55. nikki roe says:

    You have turned the club I love into an embarrassing shambles. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Now is the time for you to go. We want our club back and you liars gone!

    Nikki Roe

  56. Adrian Fieldhouse, Staffs says:

    Ifyou have any shred of decency and any respect for the customers of our football club, then leave now. You have delivered nothing other than failure. You have left broken promises and dreams in your wake and you are utterly discredited. Remember: You are not Port Vale Football club and never will be. Leave now before Port Vale is no more.

    Adrian Fieldhouse, Staffs

  57. Daryl Anchors says:

    Now is your final chance to do the honourable thing and stand down. I will not be putting any more of my hard-earned money into this club whilst you remain. I feel duped and betrayd by the whole of the board and as much as it pains me to say it I will be joining the rest of the fans you have alienated by your decisions in staying away. I’m sure the crowds of around 4,000 we ae seeing now will struggle to reach 2,000 next seaon.

    Life-long Vale fan Daryl Anchors

  58. Dan Roberts says:

    I’d like to know why, when 97% of your customers don’t want you, you persist in ruining the club? What possible reason is there to continue when the Supporters’ Club – a group of volunteers – are more professional than the club? The board has no real material wealth. They seem attract only dodgy types like yet turn down local businessmen with real wealth and a successful CV. I should also add that they are more successful than ALL of the board combined.
    Any other business under this pressure would fold.
    If you don’t want to be responsible for the death of Port Vale then you need to do just one thing: Relinquish your shares and go forever.


    Dan Roberts

  59. Martin Yates says:

    To you all: Stop burying your heads in the sand and LISTEN to what the fans want! None of you are fit to be associated with Port Vale ever again so please just LEAVE NOW and never darken any door at the club again. You had your chance and have proven time and time again that you are CLUELESS and clearly are not capable of running a business. I, for one, have not been to any home games or bought a single item from the club while you are there wasting every single penny. I will continue with this stance until every one of you has gone. You are all to blame. The real fans want Port Vale to move forward – not vanish into obscurity so ALL OF YOU MUST LEAVE NOW and let Port Vale Football Club live again.

    Martin Yates

  60. peter johansen says:

    Well, where to start?
    Messrs Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin and Miller: In my 39 years watching my beloved PVFC home and away I have attended more than 85 Football League grounds and a good few non-league grounds along the way. My experiences watching Vale have been wide and varied – resulting in many lows, sometimes sweetened by the occasional high, and costing thousands of pounds along the way.
    As a child growing up in Bucknall I was laughed at for supporting such a lowly team but the Vale were my team and no ‘lardie’ or glory hunting Liverpool or Man United fan could ever persuade me otherwise. People mocked because they said that Vale would never play in the same division as Stoke City, never play in a higher division than Stoke City, never beat Stoke City home or away, never win a trophy, never get to Wembley, never play in Europe and never beat a team from the top flight.
    Well, guess what? I have seen all of this in my lifetime and I would not swap any of those memories for those of any other football fans.
    My childhood has long since gone. Vale are back to where we once lay but do you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way. We have been here before I have seen it with my own eyes. Vale rose once as a phoenix from the flames and it can happen again. For this to happen, however, our current plight needs to change dramatically.
    Now when I was a mere child I was always taught right from wrong, always told to try to tell the truth and that a gentleman was judged by his word being his bond. For the majority of my life I have lived by these simple terms and would deem myself to be a fairly decent human being. Well, as far as Messrs Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin and Miller are concerned, I would suggest they were obviously never taught these simple rules. Lies, misleading statements, underhand games, ignorance, stubborness and deceit are just a few things that you, in my opinion, are guilty of.
    You collectively are in positions of power at our football club and are supposedly looking after our club’s/the shareholders’ and fans’ best interests.
    Unfortunately, you now preside over an almost fatally-wounded club. No-one trusts you and understandably so. The previous board were clueless, penniless and ignorant but you have taken this to a new level.
    Self-interest is your own aim and this has to stop now. This is our club and we will take no more. To be happy to have the best creche in the country should not be the only claim to fame for a football club which cannot even see fit to honour its greatest servant – Roy Sproson.
    Your time is up. We are no longer happy to see our club being outperformed by such giants as Dagenham, Rochdale, Bury, Stevenage and Torquay – all of whom have achieved play off berths in previous years.
    No longer will you stand in front of us proclaiming how your failure is less of a failure than others and painting this as success.

    Peter Johansen

  61. Jim Johnson says:

    Miller and Deakin: You haven’t spent a penny. You sicken me to my core. You shouldn’t be trusted with scissors, never mind a football club which people love. I hope neither of you ever latch on to another victim again. In fact, I hope neither of you work again.
    Lloyd: You messed up by buying Bratt’s shares and are simply trying to protect your investment. Can you not see that by retaining your position you are making that less and less likely? Deluded is the only way to describe you.
    Oliver: You are by far the worst of the bunch. Call yourself a Vale fan? Your ‘messiah complex’ is sending this club down the drain. If it sinks, you are the most accountable. Good luck with that. I hope you never sleep again for what you have done to the club you purport to love.
    You will all go down in Port Vale history as parasites who took us to the edge.

    Jim Johnson

  62. To the four idiots runing our club: You have taken out of our club and not put anything in. I may be only 25 but I’ve been supporting the Vale for 19 years. You have ruined this club and given it a bad name. Do the decent thing and go now or be forced out.

    Dean Jones

  63. Pete Stonier - Vale fan since late 80's - Season ticket holder for last 8 years says:

    TIME TO GO. You should have gone by now. The major blame sits squarely on the shoulders of Lloyd and Oliver who helped to bring the other pair into OUR club.
    FAO Lloyd: Your arrogance turns my stomach. How you dare to turn around and say that you didn’t know anything about Miller’s remuneration package or the remortgaging of the ground. It beggers belief. Your role was to be an interim chairman and you weren’t doing your job if you didn’t know. Also, how you blame the fans – your customers – for the mess the club is in, staggers me. I would have thought you’d know that the sign of a good business is one that looks after its customers – its lifeblood. No wonder your record shops went bump.
    FAO Oliver: You are a deluded, arrogant man who attacks genuine fans when challenged. You’re no Vale fan. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to the games on Radio Stoke because you’ll never, ever be able to sit with the fans ever again.
    FAO Deakin/Miller: You are just a pair of opportunists who lie every time you open your mouths. You have no connection to the club or the area. The door to the club was opened by the likes of Bratt, Lloyd and Oliver. I bet you thought Christmas had come early when you walked into our club and realised it was being run by buffoons. No-one in football seems to have a good word to say for either of you. Why is that? Go now, all of you, and leave us to pick up the pieces of our club so we can try to carry on the proud history of Port Vale.

    Pete Stonier, Vale fan since late 80s – Season ticket holder for 8 years

  64. Mary-ann Astle, Port Vale fan and shareholder. says:

    Dear Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin:
    You are ruining our beloved club. You have all done nothing but take from Port Vale FC and your lies to the fans have been unforgivable.
    You must all go – NOW.
    You have no choice. You are not wanted.
    Hang your heads in shame.

    Mary-ann Astle, Kidsgrove, Fan and shareholder

  65. paul colclough says:

    I have been a Vale supporter for 45 years and never have I been so ashamed and sickened by what you have done to our club. Whatever the outcome of the AGM/EGM you will always be despised by the majority of supporters. You will never be forgiven. Leave now and let us start to rebuild what you have destroyed.

    Paul Colclough

  66. Dave Clay says:

    I’ve been a Vale supporter since 1981, so I’ve seen many ups and downs, but you lot have beaten everything I’ve ever seen. You have destroyed my beloved club. I bleed black and white, but now I’m witnessing the demise of the Vale and its all YOUR fault. It’s not the fault of the fans. Remember: The customer is always right.
    You have lied to us over and over again and refused REAL investment. You refuse to go, presumably because you enjoy you nice perch as a director! If you are worried about your shares then sell them for what you bought them for and go. You are not welcome and never will be.
    Let;s be honest now (this might be tough for you): You haven’t a clue what to do, have you?
    Go now and let the fans see a better future – before you kill my club.
    One way or another you will go. People power is an unstoppable force.

    Dave Clay

  67. Guys: Please see sense and leave. This division in which the Vale plays is poor. We are 8th – with no money, a shallow squad and a dwindling fanbase which will only get smaller and smaller. What if we were able to reverse the above trend? We would be promoted, methinks! Surely you can see no-one wants you! MOLD OUT NOW!

    Phil Turner

  68. mark burton says:

    I say to you four clowns: Your time is up. Do the right thing for the club for once and go. No-one likes you. No-one wants you and nobody in their right mind is ever going to invest any money with you. Why on God’s green earth are you trying to hold your place on a board in a football club where more than 95 per cent of fans and shareholders don’t want you or trust you? Go now and never darken the doors of Vale Park ever again.

    Mark Burton, Vale fan for 32 years

  69. Shaun Higgs, Season Ticket Holder Since 1980 says:

    V2001 was a means to an end. The club was in administration when V2001 managed to take the reins of the club. It was always meant to be a short term way of fans becoming sharehholders together to run the club until somebody with the financial clout to take the club forward came along. The directors elected were supposed to be fans who ran the club on the behalf of other fans in an open and democratic way until such time as they could hand over to a suitable investor.
    The V2001 one project turned out to be no such thing and the founding principles are dead.
    Time and time again potential investors have been turned away without any reason being given to the fans or shareholders. Meanwhile the club has slowly sunk down the league table.
    Through the scheming and dubious practices of Bill Bratt, Peter Jackson and Glenn Oliver the wishes of the vast majority of shreholders and fans at last years’s EGM were not granted, and the rump of V2001 limped on. Until now when, of the four remaining directors, only 1 can try to claim to be an actual Vale fan. One claims to know nothing of the running of the club. The others have never put a single penny into the club but have taken plenty out! V2001 is dead.
    Deakin, Oliver, Lloyd and Miller: Go now!

    Shaun Higgs, Season Ticket Holder Since 1980

  70. Bryan Mycock, Season Ticket holder for 10 years says:

    I am sickened by what Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin have done to Port Vale. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for your actions and the lies you’ve told supporters. Please get out of of Port Vale so we can begin to rebuild our club.

    Bryan Mycock, Season Ticket holder for 10 years

  71. Robbie lambert says:

    We all despise you! It’s that simple! Your greed is ruining the lives of thousands of people who genuinely care! Get out and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! WE WANT ARE CLUB BACK!

    Robbie Lambert

  72. Andy says:

    You have destroyed our club from top to bottom. It has been hell with you lot involved. Do the decent thing and just go so we can have people who put the club first – unlike you lot who only care about your egos and how much money you can have out of our club. Us fans deserve better than this. You lot have ripped the club apart. Now is the time we took our club back from the likes of you. ‘FOR US ALL’? You are definitely having a laugh. You don’t care about us fans. I’m glad we’ve got the Supporters’ Club fighting our cause. At least they are true Vale fans – unlike you lot.


  73. David Smith says:

    I was appalled to read the revelations in The Sentinel regarding Port Vale Chairman Peter Miller and Chief Executive Perry Deakin.
    The remuneration package for Mr Miller was way over the top. How can a League Two Club afford to pay a Chairman that amount of money and also have a paid Chief Executive? I believe the position of Chairman – and other Directors – should be without pay and the duties carried out in a philanthropic manner for the benefit of the club.
    It is not surprising, with these unnecessary overheads, that the club is unable to provide Manager Micky Adams with a more competitive player budget reflecting the size of the support at Vale Park.
    The previous Board’s stubborn six-month-long resistance to Mo Chaudry’s take over against the wishes of the vast majority of supporters and shareholders, in my opinion, ripped the heart out of the club. Many supporters might think we appear to have gone from the frying pan into the fire.
    The only way to unite the club again is for a fresh start with an entirely new Board which has the respect of the fans.

    David Smith
    Former Vale Vice Chairman and supporter for 48 years

  74. I’m not going to personally insult you Mr Lloyd. I’m going to ask to you to resign your position at Vale park, though, as it has become untenable. After 15 years of attending Port Vale games I can honestly say I never seen the fanbase so united – albeit for the wrong reasons. I feel it is down to you to resign your position so that the other board members will follow. I know there is a decent man in there somewhere so you should stop hiding and face the music. Give the club back to its supporters so that they can sell it to the right people.

    Ryan Dooley

  75. Mark Davies says:

    I cannot understand why MOLD are still here. What do any of you bring to the table? This club needs to be driven forwards – not dragged along by a group of hangers-on. Get out of our club!
    It’s time for a revolution!

    Mark Davies

  76. Andy Jackson says:

    Many loyal supporters have put their hearts, souls, time and money into progressing our great club, so I am appalled by the actions of Deakin, Miller, Lloyd and Oliver – not forgetting others ousted at and since the last EGM.
    The contempt with which supporters have been treated for some time beggars belief. While Port Vale nosedived, they have ignored offers of genuine local investment, trumpeted the Blue Sky deal, misled shareholders with the promise of purchased shares, and consistently refused to listen to the club’s real custodians, its supporters.
    Once they have gone we can start the real hard work… of saving the club we love and building a better future for the generation of Vale fans who have seen no success. We all deserve so much better.
    Arrogance, self-interest and misinformation in the boardroom must be a thing of the past. Bring on the EGM. Are you ready? Are you sure? Give us a ‘V’…

    Andy Jackson – shareholder and season ticket holder for 25 years until this season

  77. Mike Baddeley, fan for 50 years. says:

    Your time is up. You have committed the ultimate betrayal – you have put your own greed and ambition before the club that we have loved all our lives.
    We may have been a simple and unglamorous football club but we had pride. Pride in our history, our successes and even our failures. You have taken that away.
    Without you the only way is upwards. Go now. You do not belong here.

    Mike Baddeley, fan for 50 years

  78. Dan Phillips, Oakhill says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to allow Perry Deakin, Glenn Oliver, Mike Lloyd and Peter Miller all know, collectively, that I – and the vast majority of Port Vale supporters – are sick and tired of being misled, lied to and manipulated over far too many issues concerning the future of Port Vale Football Club.
    No matter how any of you try to dress it up, the fact remains that the vast majority of Vale supporters have now drawn a line under your leadership, and now is the time for you four to leave PVFC for good.
    You may believe you haven’t lied to shareholders and most supporters. You may believe you haven’t misled them, either.
    However, we, the fans, OWN this Football Club. It is OUR Club, and certainly not yours.
    You are simply destroying what was once a fantastic and united fanbase and sending the club into oblivion.
    Should, as most will want, you four depart PVFC following the AGM and EGM on Tuesday March 13, then effectively, we will have our football club back where it belongs – with the fans.
    You have ultimately failed, collectively, to strengthen Port Vale on and off the pitch, and it seems that you’ve taken one step forward to go two steps back.

    Dan Phillips, Oakhill

  79. Dan Boardman says:

    Miller, Oliver, Deakin, and Lloyd:

    You are slowly but surely destroying a proud football club, my football club. You are not trusted, you are proven liars, and you are not wanted.

    Get out of OUR Club.

    Dan Boardman, supporter of 21 years

  80. steve taylor supporter of 42 years and ex season ticket holder says:

    This is quite a simple plea from me: Mr Lloyd, you and the rest of the current board must step aside and allow the Supporters’ Club interim board to take your place and get on with the job of trying to secure the future of our great club.
    Previous board members have stood down on principle that they could no longer agree with the actions of the few who lead the club. Now it is your time to either stand aside or be forcefully removed from your lofty perches with your last bit of dignity removed.
    It’s your choice: You cannot and will not win.

    Steve Taylor, Supporter of 42 years and ex-season ticket holder

  81. Mssrs Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin and Miller (as well Bratt, Jackson, Mudie and Lodey):
    The single overriding accreditation your reign will be remembered for is failure; failure to be honest and transparent, failure to listen and communicate, failure to deliver any medium and long term financial stability, failure to acknowledge defeat in the face of overwhelming disapproval from fans and shareholders alike and ultimately failure to take Port Vale forward.
    V2001 was set up with honourable intentions as a fan-owned democratically operated club, unfortunately the original values have long since disappeared.
    The supporters of Port Vale deserve much better than what has been served up to them in recent years.
    If Port Vale was a regular business operating in the normal confines of the service industry it would not have survived and the brutal treatment of the customer base would have found an alternative supplier for the leisure pursuits.
    The board has and continues to abuse its brand loyal customers as they know finding an alternative isn’t an option. Thousands of fans with thousands of years of support have been mistreated and possibly lost.
    A few run this football club – the vast majority make it and without them there is no way forward.
    Win or lose there is no way forward for one, some, or all of the failures of our recent board to remain at the club. We were here before you and we will be here after you have all gone.
    For the sake of the club, it’s history, the passionate fans and the community please leave Port Vale to the fans who care about its survival.

    Steve Burdekin, co-founder North London Valiants

  82. Darren Mould says:

    MOLD its time to go. You’ve destroyed the club I love. I was brought up on John Rudge’s giant-killings, local derbies against Stoke City, big home games and trips to Wembley. Now we’re playing teams like Accrington in front of 4,000 fans. The club is on its knees and needs a fresh start. If you are Vale fans then do the honourable thing and leave. Now. The fans will win this battle, I have no doubt. It’s just a matter of time. Ive been a fan for more than 25 years and have never known things as bad as they are now. Get our of our club and give us a chance of a brighter future.

    Darren Mould

  83. Alex Stevenson says:

    Never in 28 years of supporting this club, would I have ever thought the actions of a minority would make me want to hang my head in embarrassment and shame. The actions of V2001 and the current encumbants have severely tested the patience of several thousand fans – myself included. We, as paying supporters, have asked on several occasions that you please step down and let somebody else move us forward. However, for whatever reason, you have decided to ignore that majority. I implore you to please leave and let us try to rebuild some of the confidences that have been lost by supporters over the last few years. Please give us an opportunity to live our footballing lives in peace and with hope. Please do the right thing before it is too late. Enough is enough: It is time to say goodbye.

    Alex Stevenson – Vale Fan of 28 yrs

  84. Peter Cartlidge says:

    I have never felt such disgust towards the people running my beloved Port Vale as I do now.
    Messrs Bratt, Oliver, Jackson and Meigh should hang their heads in shame at the way the ethos of V2001 has been frittered away with contempt. Perhaps it was a lie from day one.
    I am ashamed to be associated with you and feel totally betrayed as a supporter and shareholder.
    Regardless of YOUR failings and objectives, to allow Deakin and Miller anywhere near our club is at best incompetent.
    The manipulation of shares and underhand dealings of the last few years culminating in the ‘nil-paid shares’ and astronomical salaries to this pair is beyond reproach.
    Lies about deals, lies to supporters, probably lies amongst yourselves is something I hope will haunt you all your days until hopefully you are bought to task.
    Mr Lloyd’s manipulation of his board position was obvious years ago when the £50k rule came in. In my opinion he is a man never to be trusted who appears to have ‘more faces than the town hall clock’. It is shameful and a kick in the teeth for the club’s history and its loyal support.
    How on earth you believe you can even set foot in Vale Park, let alone remain in office, is something I don’t comprehend.
    NO-one wants you. The sooner you get this message the sooner we can all move on.
    I am ashamed to be associated with you all.

    Peter Cartlidge
    Supporter of 36 years, original V2001 member and shareholder

  85. Ken Burgess....... Shareholder and disillusioned season ticket holder says:

    Sadly, I don’t have the necessary vocabulary to express my utter contempt and mistrust for this board and also the previous incumbents who managed to drag our club into the gutter.

    Ken Burgess, Shareholder and disillusioned season ticket holder

  86. Carl Lorenz says:

    Dear sirs: Tomorrow morning walk into your bathrooms and take a long hard look in the mirror. Think!
    Is the vision looking back at you the vision you really want to see? Is it the vision of what you thought would be staring back at you back in the days when life was easy and you had your whole life ahead of you?
    Is this vision truly what you had hoped for?
    If so, then carry on. But, if you really are able to see the ‘true vision’ of your reflection, then PLEASE PLEASE attempt to alter things for the good. It may be painful, it may cost you money, but it may just save you from what you have become.
    THINK, PLEASE! Really, really think whether or not what you are doing is really in the best interests of Port Vale Football Club, its fans, its history and – most importantly – its FUTURE.

    Carl Lorenz, Aged 54, Season ticket holder and shareholder, A supporter for more than 35 years,

  87. Andy Fleming says:

    Dear Mike Lloyd,
    There’s probably nothing I could write here that would persuade you that you’re in the wrong. You and the rest of the board of directors are far too proud and stubborn, and have become so entrenched that you are now simply incapable of taking a detached and objective view of how you have been running this football club.
    Maybe you feel foolish and ashamed at how you’ve been deceived by Perry and Peter. Or perhaps you were complicit all along.
    Regardless of what you claim to have not known about, you have to take responsibility for what you brought to this club and what has happened on your watch.
    You cannot dig Port Vale out of this one. No-one trusts you to put forward a solution now. Anything you say or do will be treated with suspicion by a large majority of supporters and shareholders.
    You will only be saved at the EGM by a very small minority (an oligarchy) of large shareholders acting through their own self-interest or pig-headedness. Even if you ‘win’ the EGM, you cannot take the supporters with you.
    You really are in a lose-lose situation now. The club will be prised out of your hands one way or another.


    Andy Fleming, supporter of 22 years

  88. Phil Shergold 20 years a fan says:

    Port Vale for me was everything, more than life, missed for nothing! Relationships lost. Money I didn’t have spent. Tears shed! My club, my past, present and future. I knew from that first game I belonged to my club. We fitted together like a hand in glove and it would always be!
    I begged at times to God for that one goal: McPhee v Tranmere. I prayed for the team to never change: Guppy, Mac ‘The Knife’ etc. Heart literally bursting out of my chest. This was more than life or death – this was so much more!
    What happens now? I don’t attend. No more season tickets, no shirts – nothing! I turn down free tickets because that passion, desire and love are dying. My place in the stands is empty! The place next to me is also empty. Your legacy is leaving empty seats and creating broken hearts! Our club, the club I held my head up for is being crushed by you! Without remorse, without honesty, decency, transparency. Without love!
    Hate is such a strong word. I don’t use it lightly when I say I hate each and every one of you with a passion. Can you comprehend how much? Go now, don’t look back. Just look forward and keep going in that direction. I live in the hope that one day my club will be out of your clutches.

    Phil Shergold, Vale fan for 20 years

  89. David Keeling says:

    You, the board, are disgraceful. You have ruined our club. You have deceved the fans and lied to them. We don’t want you at our club anymore. You have dragged the good name of Port Vale FC through the mud. Please go – for the sake of Port Vale FC and its fans.

    David Keeling

  90. Malcolm Hirst says:

    The epitaph of the Valiant 2001 directors will be FAILURE.
    You failed to bring in investment to take Port Vale forward.
    You failed shareholders in turning town £1.2m of REAL money for £500,000 of NIL-PAID shares.
    You failed Vale fans by putting your own self-interest before the club, staff and fans.
    You failed to be open, honest and transparent – producing a litany of mismanagement and misinformation in order to keep your perks and power.
    You failed the local community by bringing the good names of Port Vale, Burslem and North Staffordshire into disrepute through your dealings with the likes of Nantwich Town FC, Regal Print and the City Council.
    Your biggest failure, however, is to all Vale fans and those of the next generation. You have systematically driven people away from the club they love; turning passion into apathy – support into protest – and unity into factions…

    Malcolm Hirst, North London Valiants

  91. Tom Plant says:

    How can I start this? Perhaps with just a simple comment referring to how pathetic you four really are. Who do you actually think you are? What gives you the right to ruin and destroy a club that is loved by so many people of all different ages? You are a cancer at the club. How can you not see this? Take a step back and just take a real good look at what you have actually done. Thanks to you the club is in such a mess it may never recover. Congratulations. I hope you are proud. Being 20 years old the only thing I remember about Port Vale is how we gradually get worse and worse. I am too young to remember great cup runs and local derbies, for example. The way it is looking like now I don’t see me ever gaining this memories. Thank you for nothing. Don’t even pack your bags – just get out of the football club you claim to be helping.

    Tom Plant

  92. Trevor Harnett says:

    MOLD you must go or there will be no support left next season. No support equals no club. Everyone is sick of your lies and bad management. I have been a season ticket holder for 44 years and refused to buy one for this season. You then conned me in October that we had investment coming in to the club and I went and renewed (what a plonker). I wish I hadn’t bothered now. Believe me, if any of you lot are left I will be gone until we have proper management in place.

    Trevor Harnett, Vale supporter for 45 years

  93. Phil Goodwin, Life Member, Shareholder and Supporter for 50 Years says:

    Mr Lloyd: I am a life member of Port Vale FC and although I attend all home games I find all conversation is all about the future of the club and not about football – which is what it should be. The club had my money for the life membership some seven years ago in 2005 but, as from the start of the current season, I vowed not to put another penny into the club – no club merchandise, programmes, game tickets etc. If you, and your fellow board members cause this club to fold or even fall out of the Football League you should be totally ashamed of yourselves. Now is the time for you and your cronies to leave for good.

    Phil Goodwin, Life member, shareholder and supporter for 50 Years

  94. Linda Ward says:

    My dad and grandad watched the Vale from the terraces of the Recreation Ground in Bryan Street, Hanley. They helped lay the turf at Vale Park. Even though dad had no sons, he made sure he took his two daughters to the games. I have taken my daughter and long to bring along my two grandsons when they are older. That’s five generations of Vale supporters. Some are sadly no longer with us but those of us who survive them are broken-hearted at the state of our beloved football club. It’s more than a club though – it’s been our way of life and has been the topic of conversation in our homes for so many years. I don’t know these men on the board personally but I beg them to show some decency and integrity. PLEASE GO NOW. PORT VALE FOOTBALL CLUB is so much bigger than any board of directors could ever be.

    Linda Ward

  95. Rob Burgess says:

    Mike Lloyd, Peter Miller and Perry Deakin: You have all been found out.
    It is clear that you have ulterior financial motives for your interest in Port Vale. Please leave now; you have done enough damage already.

    Glenn Oliver: You are just deluded. I don’t doubt you love Port Vale. I just hope you can forgive yourself when you realise the damage you have done.

    Rob Burgess

  96. Mark Rutter says:

    Dear Mssrs Lloyd, Oliver, Deakin and Miller: May I just say that because of you four and your predecessors I no longer feel part of Port Vale Football Club. You have lied to the fans countless times. You have never been open and transparent and, worst of all, you have used many underhand tactics to try remain as dictators – I mean directors – of the club.
    Can you not see that the vast majority of supporters DO NOT want you in control of our club? Year on year our fan base will decrease until we end up in administration. I hope you feel satisfied with yourselves. We, the fans, are not willing to support you as the board of our club. Your position is untenable and we will fight until you are gone.

    For Us All? More like For ‘Us Four’.

    Mark Rutter – Ex-season ticket holder/Supporter for 26 years

  97. Ben Chadwick - Vale fan since birth... 16 years says:

    There’s probably no point me even writing this comment, as you, Mike Lloyd, will probably not even know who you are, or what an EGM/AGM is, or what Port Vale is, or what football is, or who M.O.L.D are, or what administration is, or what your doing, or what fans are… the list is endless. You know nothing. Especially how to run a football club. However, there is one thing that you’re the expert on – how to drive away thousands of fans from there beloved football club.
    Study it at university did you? Wanted to tread in the footsteps of the great William Amos Bratt?
    Well, whatever your reasons, here is a small bit of advice that I would suggest you to take on-board.
    We, the FANS, will prevail over you and your cronies. Whatever you throw at us we will send flying straight back into your face.
    Bring on March 13th. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.

    Ben Chadwick, Vale fan since birth, 16 years

  98. Denis Walley Season ticket holder for more years than I care to remember says:

    Mike Lloyd, Perry Deakin, Glenn Oliver, Peter Miller: You are kiling the club I have supported for more than 50 years. It is about time you got the message: Go now before it is to late. No-one wants you or supports you.

    Denis Walley, Season ticket holder for more years than I care to remember

  99. Andy Foxall, 16 says:

    Being of a younger generation, I can safely say that the board are not only harming the club now, but for years to come.
    At my school you can count the number of Port Vale fans on one hand, (this is at a school with 1,000 pupils) – whereas the number of ‘so-called’ Stoke fans in my year alone is close to 50.
    What 16-year-old or younger wants to support a club in League 2 and on the verge of administration every winter?
    I’ll answer that. Only ones born into die-hard, Vale supporting families.
    Your tyrannous regime is turning even the most die-hard of supporters away.
    I won’t even bother imploring you to do the moral thing and step down, because I know that it would fall on deaf ears and that the only way to get rid of you will be to drag you out of Vale Park kicking and screaming!

    Andy Foxall, 16

  100. Peter Loakman says:

    I first watched Port Vale in 1968 and as a young lad fell in love with a community club that truly respected and appreciated its fans. Everything about the club was honest and workmanlike and we were proud to support a true legend of a club. Now, living and working abroad (Dubai), I can only occasionally get to games. However, when in the country I always attend games, spend my money in the club shop etc. I follow the club and its news avidly on the internet forums and The Sentinel’s website. In its hour of need I became a shareholder but have watched with growing sadness as my beloved PORT VALE have become a shadow of the once great club. A club that grew to become a bigger and better club than our noisy Stoke neighbours in our Nineties heydays under Rudgie when we regularly beat the red and white half of the city! Great days indeed.
    The demise on the playing side was bad enough – but perhaps understandable in a way. The boardroom mismanagement, barefaced lies, incompetence and deception – and dare I say criminal malpractice – of recent years is not at all acceptable.
    You and you alone are what have brought the club to its current sad predicament.
    The board have shown a clear and continuous contempt for all Vale fans and I am delighted that your time is almost up.
    Go. You are all a disgrace to Port Vale Football Club.

    Pete Loakman, Vale fan for 44 years. Shareholder

  101. Mark Porter says:

    Having followed the Vale since the late 70s I have seen the highsand lows. Let me tell you that Port Vale will always be part of the community and it is fact that it plays a massive role in families’ lives. It is and always will be so important to many many people. You are destroying a legacy through greed, lies and the pursuit of personal gain. I implore you to do the right thing and leave the Vale. Allow the club to attract new investment so that it can rebuild its future on the great fan base it has.
    My personal message to the board is: You say you are in it for the good of Port Vale. I wholeheartedly disagree. How you can say this is beyond belief – it has been since the day Foyle was put in charge (always the cheap option). I, along with many Vale fans, am “Vale til I Die”. Let’s hope that this nightmare will soon be over and you will be gone. So the good times can return to ST6 (God’s Garden)/

    Mark Porter, season ticket holder, Railway Stand

  102. Nicki says:

    Having been a Vale fan for nearly 25 years, long gone are the days when: We walked around the city with pride and we were beating teams like West Brom, Wolves, Man City and Everton: We held Arsenal to a penalty shoot out; Three Wembley appearances and a Millennium Stadium final. I find it really sad to see the state of what the club has become. The four current directors have made Bill Bell look like Roman Abramovich.
    Look how the fans have stuck by the club through thick and thin. With loyalty like that you owe it to them to do the right thing and go now.

    Nicki, season ticket holder, Railway Stand

  103. Elton Hood says:

    Dear Messrs Lloyd, Oliver, Miller and Deakin:
    You have dragged our club through the gutter and made us the laughing stock of the league. Your lies and utter contempt for the people who are the heart of Port Vale can never be forgiven. The time has long since past when you could walk away with any modicum of dignity or respect from the fans so my message is simple: Leave now and never darken our doors again. Get out and don’t come back.

    Elton Hood, Dresden. Lifelong Vale fan

    • David burt says:

      There isn’t much to say that hasn’t already mentioned, but I am ashamed I ever trusted v2001, and Glenn Oliver in particular. You have let the club down and failed to do your jobs properly while lying to the fans. Deakin and Miller: I hope you fail at everything you do in future and end up suffering for what you’ve caused. I’m really struggling to stay polite with this. You’re all a disgrace. Get out of our club. As much as we’d all love to drag you out the way you deserve, we won’t stoop to your disgusting levels. Go away, and never, EVER set foot in or near or football club again.

      David Burt

  104. You have turned this proud football club into the laughing stock of the Football League. You have forced loyal and lifelong fans to stay away. You know your time at the club is coming to an end, but yet you still hang on and cause further chaos. For once, put OUR club first and leave now. PLEASE.

    Shelley Durose

  105. MOLD: Get out of our club. The announcement on Saturday was the last straw and you, Mr LLoyd, your lack of response on Radio Stoke just about sums the person you are up. I was actually suprised you knew about it given you know nowt about the way our club is run. Ive been going the vale 50 years and can’t remember the last time I missed a home match but my patience is running out. Please, for the sake of my club, go and take your cronies with you before its to late.

    Christopher Leake

  106. Ben Nejati says:

    Dear Mr Lloyd and co, you have run our proud club into the ground. What hurts even more is that you and your fellow board members seem oblivious to the fact that you are the cause of this problem, and not the solution. V2001 board members (past and present), have been on a power trip for some time now – meaning that PVFC has suffered a great deal, whilst potential investors have been brushed aside for no apparent reason. This has culminated in the transfer embargo being placed upton us by the Football League, whilst we have been unable to pay various bills owed to us, including the unpaid bill from HMRC. You have turned us into a laughing stock off the pitch. Please do the decent thing and step down, so the Vale can start from afresh, before its too late.

    Ben Nejati

  107. Stephen D'Arcy says:

    MOLD: You are a total disgrace to Port Vale. Self-serving, forgetting your roots, especially Glenn Oliver, who once mortgaged his house to try to save the club he once loved. All self-respect has gone and we are in danger of going into administration, just when the play-offs are a possibility. You serve no purpose at Port Vale – “get thee gone”.

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