Port Vale’s directors are about to reap what they have sown

I have a feeling tonight’s game is going to be something of an emotional affair because we all know just how bleak the prognosis now is for our club.

After further damaging financial revelations at the weekend, the news in today’s Sentinel that the board is inquorate once again, and therefore the club is incapable of functioning as a proper business, is yet another nail in Vale’s coffin.

To be fair, I would argue we haven’t functioned as a proper business for some time because we owe money to every man and his dog and Port Vale appears to be a completely rudderless ship.

That said, however, I’m pleased Peter Miller has finally resigned. The problem is he’s done it about three months too late, by my reckoning.

He should have gone the day The Sentinel exposed him for lying to the supporters over the nil-paid shares.

Instead he went on BBC Radio Stoke after the Blue Sky deal was shown up to be a fantasy and dug an even deeper hole for himself.

This is a man who:

a) Took a whacking great salary out of our League Two club which it couldn’t afford

b) Misled supporters over the Blue Sky deal

c) Lied about paying for £250,000 worth of shares

d) Used those nil-paid shares to vote himself on to the board

e) To cap it all, he remortgaged Vale Park – thus breaking the terms of the loan agreement with the city council.

Nice work, Peter.

Mike Lloyd’s words in an ‘off-the-record’ chat early in December keep coming back to me…

He said: “I think Peter (Miller) is doing a cracking job, a great job – and Perry for that matter. Is he worth his salary? Well, I think so if he brings the sort of money we are talking about with the Blue Sky deal into the club.”

I’m not sure whether even Mike Lloyd realised at that point just how far up the creek without a paddle Peter Miller was taking us.

My only hope now is that Peter Miller is hounded to the ends of the earth for that £250,000 and made to pay for the unholy mess he created during his reign of terror at Port Vale.

Meanwhile, Messrs Lloyd and Deakin – finally realising the game is up – have held talks with the Supporters’ Club’s solicitor.

Again, this dialogue comes about three months too late in my book. During that time they have treated fans and shareholders with utter contempt.

The smart money is on us not even making it to an AGM/EGM. It won’t be held in the Robbie Williams suite, that’s for sure.

If the worst should happen in the coming days and our club goes into administration, then let’s be clear about who is to blame.

Peter Miller is responsible for many of the problems and his list of known misdemeanours is listed above.

Perry Deakin, a man who changed the story about his nil-paid shares more times than I care to remember, is the CEO of Port Vale and, as such, has to take responsibility for the financial catastrophe enveloping the club.

He and his fellow board members – Mike Lloyd and Glenn Oliver – failed to bring in any investment of any note during the last six months while they were busy alienating the fanbase and blaming supporters for all the club’s ills.

Well, it seems like you may be about to reap what you have sown, gentlemen. What a pity none of you have ever even had the good grace to admit your mistakes or say sorry.

Sadly, Port Vale and its supporters may soon pay the penalty for your arrogance and incompetence.

I really hope we beat Crewe tonight to give us all something to smile about. Something to lift the gloom.

Micky Adams and the lads certainly deserve great credit for recent results which have been achieved against a very difficult backdrop.

Whatever happens in the coming days, fans can rest assured that the Supporters’ Club will do right by them and the Vale and fight tooth and nail for its future.

One thing’s for sure. Very soon, once again, Port Vale is going to need all the friends it can get.

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10 thoughts on “Port Vale’s directors are about to reap what they have sown

  1. Stephen D'Arcy says:

    When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark
    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of the lark
    Walk on through the wind
    Walk on through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown
    Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone
    You’ll never walk alone

    Things can only get better. But they might get worse before that happens.
    Isn’t it possible to bring criminal proceedings against Miller, Deaking, Oliver and Lloyd?
    They are laughing at the Vale fans – rather like the leaders of the Eastern european “nations”
    in the late 1980s. Surely their time has come.

  2. Kevin Reynolds says:

    Obviously Martin, you are privy to more information than that you can divulge. It sounds like its over for them but now what will be the outcome for PVFC? I hope it isn’t RIP.

  3. Mike Lakin says:

    You make one very interesting new point Martin and that is that Oliver and Lloyd have never had the good grace to say three simple words: ‘We are sorry’. The truth is that, like a drowning man, they clung to any piece of driftwood that floated by. In this case it was Miller and Deakin – two of the rottenest pieces of flotsum ever – and Lloyd and Oliver gobbled it up hook, line and sinker, like a pair of starved Carp.
    The only rays of hope are that they are talking to the SC’s solicitor and now they can’t use Miller’s nil-paid shares. Can they? Surely not?
    Keep the pressure on them, mate.

  4. Mike Durose says:

    With all the revelations that have come out, they all should have resigned before Christmas. However, like Lemmings they have clung to the edge of the precipice – hoping for some lifeline that was never going to appear. They have been incompetent on a massive scale and they have brought our club to its knees.

    Mike Durose

  5. melvyn williams says:

    Well done, Martin. I just hope the stay-away supporters come tonight. The weather is good and the time is right for all VALE supporters to get down the VALE tonight. It will show Micky Adams, the team, and OUR CLUB what can be achieved when we all stick together.

  6. peter johansen says:

    This whole sorry tale makes me feel sick to the core. What both the previous and current board have done is torn our club to bits. God, how I hope they pay for it – for the rest of their lives if necessary. Attending Vale park has become a chore. How I hope for better times – but all I can see is yet more disaster looming and the onset of administration.
    Between the Supporters’ Club, all fans and potential awaiting investors, I pray that there is a future, dare I say: “FOR US ALL”.


  7. William Swift Vale supporter since 1969 says:

    If there’s any justice MOLD and certain previous board members will be doing some jail time. Would be nice to see Jabba Miller dragged, or rolled on to a plane by U.S. Marshals. Whatever is in the books will come out shortly, I expect. This whole sorry saga is going to feature in courses on Business Studies as a classic case of how not to do it.

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