No-one wins, but we are getting our club back. Now let’s see what we can do with it…

It’s looking like administration, then. Few people will be surprised because the writing has been on the wall for some time.
Only the outgoing board, in their arrogance and denial, kidded themselves they could salvage a desperate situation which was entirely of their own making.
It has felt like death by a thousand cuts and, in the end, no-one wins. Not the club’s staff, not the fans, not the shareholders – nor the club’s many creditors.
Yes, we can take some comfort from the fact Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin will soon have nothing to do with Port Vale FC.
What’s more, hopefully an administrator would make those responsible for the club’s plight pay dearly for their conduct in recent months.
However, administration remains a gamble and the Vale’s future is anything but secure.
Barring a jaw-dropping winning run, a 10-point deduction would almost certainly end any hopes of us grabbing a play-off berth.
In fact, we would all be doing the maths and wouldn’t be able to rest easy until Vale had 50-odd points on the board and were absolutely safe from the threat of relegation.
Let’s hope that will be enough of an incentive for the players who weren’t paid on Wednesday to get their heads down and stay focused until the end of the season.
Let’s also hope we don’t lose any of them or a very good manager who knows full well just how much the majority of supporters value and respect him and the work he’s doing.
At this point we should spare a thought for the club’s employees who face an anxious wait to see whether or not they will keep their jobs.
We should also acknowledge the near 1,000 Vale fans who have previously invested hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds of their own money to help save the club.
Their shares are worthless and have been for some time, if truth be told.
I am sure most of them never expected a return on their investment and were happy to have done their bit and ‘owned’ a little piece of the club they love.
But administration would take even that away.
Once again we would all be equal.
My thanks go to the city council at this point – or rather the councillors who would be taking a brave decision, under the most difficult of circumstances, to effectively underwrite the cost of placing Port Vale into administration.
Make no bones about it – the alternative is liquidation. In other words, our club would cease to exist, sold off to pay our debts.
There are serious public purse considerations involved in their decision, since administration at least offers the authority the chance to recoup some of its £2.25m loan to the Vale.
However, I’d like to think the councillors involved in last night’s meeting also went with their gut instinct – which should have been to help preserve 130 years of heritage and an asset to the city which means so much to so many people.
The fight against the board is almost over. Now the battle for Port Vale’s very survival begins.
The cancer at the heart of the club is being cut out but the operation to remove it has left the patient on a life-support machine.
Now it us up to us, the fans, to rally behind the team and help our club in any way we can.
Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin will soon be history.
Soon there will be no excuses: No reasons to stay away. No reasons not to put your money and time into your club.
Let’s make Tuesday night the biggest gate of the season. Let’s show Micky and the lads we are with them and, crucially, let’s demonstrate to the city council that they will be making the right call.
Let’s put aside our differences and leave the recriminations to the administrator and the proper authorities to resolve.
We’re getting our club back.
Now let’s see what we can do with it.


2 thoughts on “No-one wins, but we are getting our club back. Now let’s see what we can do with it…

  1. Tony Brindley says:

    As usual, a brilliantly-constructed article of true facts from Martin.
    Also Martin, thanks for your time and efforts in the fight to save the club.

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