ALL that matters is the long-term stability and prosperity of Port Vale

I have to say I was heartened this week by what was said at the press conference held by the administrators with regard to trying to find a buyer.

Clearly, the aim of the game now is to get to a situation where the creditors approve a Company Voluntary Agreement – thereby avoiding a points deduction at the start of next season which would be a disaster.

The fact that the administrators have received half a dozen expressions of interest in the club – at least three of which appear to be serious – is encouraging news.

Everyone always expected (and many people hoped) that Mo Chaudry would throw his hat into the ring and I’m pleased that he has.

He was treated very shabbily by the previous board and I know that many people feel that he is the future of Port Vale.

What I would say at this stage is, having fought so hard to tear the club out of the hands of a self-interested and frankly deluded group of individuals, it is incumbent on us as supporters to tread carefully at this crucial stage.

Like the administrator, we need to weigh up all the bids properly before anyone starts orchestrating a campaign for a particular bidder.

The landscape has certainly changed since Mr Chaudry published his glossy brochure ahead of last June’s EGM.

So, as with all the other bidders, I’d want to know whether his vision for the club – and the amount of money he is prepared to spend to back that vision up – has changed.

All that matters to me is the long-term stability and prosperity of Port Vale. I would hope that would also be paramount for all bidders.

Given what has happened in that last few years, stability simply cannot be achieved unless any potential owner is open and honest with the fans from day one and accepts that he/she or them must take supporters with them.

I’m hoping that all the bidders open a dialogue with the Supporters’ Club and start talking to the local media as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we fans can still make a difference by continuing to give our 100 per cent backing to the coaching staff and players to help spur them on to kill off any fears of us getting dragged into a relegation scrap.

Talking to the staff, it is as if a great black cloud has been lifted from the club now that Messrs Miller, Oliver, Lloyd and Deakin have gone.

Port Vale may be far from safe but I’m starting to think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the city council and our astonishing fans whose loyalty and generosity is genuinely humbling.

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5 thoughts on “ALL that matters is the long-term stability and prosperity of Port Vale

  1. Mark says:

    Mo may have been treated very shabbily. That was unfair. However, those who aren’t in favour of his bid have been treated as bad by the ‘Nobody But Mo’ club I actually think it would be better if he didn’t take over the Vale. If he thinks 99 per cent of supporters are behind him he is very much mistaken. I like the look of IPP. They look like a good bet. But then we have those who have no interest in anyone else but Mo.

    I support Port Vale FC so let’s go with the highest bid and let’s move the Vale forward.

    Up The Vale!

  2. Kevin Reynolds says:

    But which hymn book are the administrators singing from, Martin? They seem to be making conflicting statements between themselves (a) Players would not need to be sold but players are now, it seems, going to leave the Vale via a third party agent
    (b) Will the club be sold to the highest bidder? The administration people seem to be making different statements. One says it will – another says not necessarily…

  3. peter johansen says:

    Personally, I have to agree on the point raised re-all interested parties opening a dialogue with the Supporters’ Club. Let’s hope that rival bidders don’t hide behind anonymity. All hands on the table, please…

  4. STEVOS says:

    No more cloak and dagger, please! If players have to go then so be it. This regime has failed so many times over the last 10 years. Poor performances on and of the field have all contributed to Vale’s demise. It’s ever likely hardly anyone goes these days with dire performances, over-priced entrance fees and draconian facilities. Any sucessful businessman will know this cannot go on. It’s time for change. For the survival of OUR club – with or without Micky…

  5. Linda Lear says:

    I am a bit concerned by the administration team… “no players or coaching staff need to go”, “the footballing side will be left to Micky”. Then a few days later an agent is taken on board to promote the availability of our players without informing Micky of this action. I find this totally inexcusable. If we lose our best players or, (I dread to think of it) our manager, then gates will decrease not increase and where will that leave our great club?

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