Stop moaning, set aside personal agendas and support Port Vale

I guess we have to accept that some Port Vale fans will never be happy.

It wasn’t so long ago that the vast majority of supporters were united behind the common goal of removing the parasitic board of directors.

Now they’ve gone and the club is in administration I would have thought that everyone would realise there is still a need for us all to be pulling in the same direction.

However, there is unquestionably a minority of fans for whom moaning and whining has become a way of life.

You see, I found Wednesday night’s fans’ forum with the administrators quite useful.

We were back at Vale Park where supporters should be meeting and having an open discussion about the future of our club. Lest we forget, we simply couldn’t have done this six weeks ago.

We found out bits ‘n bobs of information we didn’t know before – although surely no-one in their right mind thought the three mystery bidders would be unveiled.

However, those with an agenda other than simply putting Port Vale first were out in force.

Those pushing for Mo Chaudry to be the next owner of Port Vale seem appalled that any other bids are even being considered.

Some can’t understand why other potential bidders would want their identities to remain a secret.

I can. It’s common sense.

Unless they feel you have something to gain by revealing their name then why on earth would any individual or company out themselves at this stage?

Unless they are named as the preferred bidder there’s simply nothing in it for them – apart from aggravation and vilification by a small minority for whom it seems to be ‘Mo at any cost’.

I am not for or against any bid. Ultimately it’s not a decision for ordinary fans like me and we will have to back whoever comes in.

What’s more, if you’re a Vale supporter who has lambasted the previous regime for ignoring offers to buy the club you can’t now start castigating the administrators for considering all legitimate offers.

There was also anger at the fans’ forum over the £1 increase on match day admissions.

Let’s be honest and say that £22.50 is an awful lot of money to pay to watch League Two football. Truth be told, what is served up sometimes is worth a tenner at most.

However, the commercial reality is that Port Vale is a business struggling to balance its books – particularly with such poor crowds at present – and if a new owner thinks admission prices are too steep then they can always be changed.

Right now Port Vale needs every fan to stop moaning, set aside personal agendas and get behind the team and the club as a whole.

We’re not safe yet and, at this stage, surely nothing else matters.

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4 thoughts on “Stop moaning, set aside personal agendas and support Port Vale

  1. Linda McArdle says:

    Fantastic Martin, as usual, straight to the point and oh so honest. You are right. The majority of us fans are sick to the back teeth of these people who seem hell-bent on trying to get Mo in regardlesss of any other bids. Like you, as long as the prospective buyer has the Vale at heart then I will back whoever comes in 100%. I’m not against Mo at all. I would just like the Administrators to have a choice and don’t blame anyone remaining anonymous. Again, well said!!

  2. melvyn williams says:

    £22-50 is an awful lot of money. In fact, it’s ridiculous for League Two. Port Vale is struggling to balance its books. But so are our supporters,
    You say sometimes it’s only worth a tenner. Well, Martin, that’s you saying the same as the people you are accusing of moaning as that’s all we are saying.
    As for the poor crowds, most of that is down to the past board but some of it is down to overpricing the product. Most clubs in League Two would be over the moon if they could get our poor attendance.
    Also I can understand why potential bidders want their identites to remain secret and I, for one, respect that 100%. We, as Vale supporters, would love to know who they are but we have to let the administrators do their job first.
    I don’t think I am moaning. I am just making my point and if i can’t do that then what point is there in having a discussion?
    I would just like to say thank you to all bidders for giving us hope for the survival of our club.

    From a 100% PORT VALE supporter.

  3. Phil Goodwin, Life Member, Shareholder and Supporter for 50 Years says:

    £22.50 will frighten a lot of our casual support and visiting supporters away. It is also a lot ot ask genuine supporters to pay if they can only attend around half the games due to work commitments or live a distance away.
    A partial season ticket containing, say 12 games, for about £15 a game would be more appropriate.
    £17-18 would be more realistic for on-the-day admission in these austere times, particularly with rising fuel costs. However, the club’s past directors and the current administrators seem to be missing the principle of supply and demand which got this club in a mess in the first place.

  4. Agent1 says:

    How about a “staggered” fee for attendance and categorise games with:
    A rated games = season tickets for all games
    B rated games = season tickets for all B rated games and below
    C rated games = season tickets for all C rated games only

    This might appeal to some supporters who can only make the odd few games due to other commitments etc.

    Or some kind of other ticketing scheme along these lines…

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