The ‘We are where we are’ poll

I’ve been as positive as anyone about Vale and urging people to pull together for the good of the club and set aside any differences they may have.
But I can’t escape the fact that there’s still a lot of discussion over the current state of affairs off-the-field at Vale Park.
Keith Ryder’s disappearing act has thrown a spanner in the works and left the club in limbo (administration) and whilst it is great to be watching football again at Vale Park we can’t ignore the fact that the future remains uncertain.
Many are pointing their fingers at the administrators for failing to do their homework. Others blame the Supporters’ Club for being ‘taken in’ by Keith Ryder.
For what it’s worth, I think everyone who campaigned for change was right – irrespective of whether or not Keith Ryder let down the administrators.
I certainly wouldn’t change a thing about the way the Supporters’ Club conducted itself. We’e always done what’s best for the club – something which can’t be said for many people involved in this pantomime.
I think it’s very easy to throw stones from sidelines.
But what do you think?
Tell me whether or not you think the fans/Supporters’ Club/and yes, yours truly, were right to campaign for the removal of Valiant 2001 and the old board.
Or tell me why you think we were better off under Bill Bratt, Glenn Oliver and Mike Lloyd and co.
Comments on the actions of the administrators and the Supporters’ Club are very welcome!

7 thoughts on “The ‘We are where we are’ poll

  1. andy jackson says:

    It’s a leading question, Martin… No-one would argue that Bratt, Lloyd et al were good for the club… No-one would argue that Mo should have been given a chance when he was really committed… Surely the question should be: “Were Bob Young and the Supporters’ Club right to be taken in by Keith Ryder and sentence our club (not Bob Young’s or the SC’s club) to months more in adminstration?”
    Ask that one and you might get a different answer! Up the Vale

    • Keith Finnemore says:

      I for one most definitely did not want Mr Chaudry at our club. The administrators made an informed choice of preferred bidder, something we are not able to do. The only mistake they made was to allow Keith Ryder too much time to close the deal. Thereafter I believe the administrators have done everything possible to find a buyer for the club.

  2. Justin porter says:

    We need to forget what’s happened before and just all move forward as one for this great club!! Hopefully someone we come in and see the potential here. VTID!!!

  3. Ken Burgess says:

    Bratt Lloyd Oliver et al and subsequently Miller and Deakin were driving us to the inevitable situation we find our selves in today… administration. So yes, we were right to campaign.

    Bob Young should have been stricter with his deadlines regarding Keith Ryder. I smelled a rat with Deakin. I had the same feeling with Ryder after his first delay and I would have hoped that Bob Young would have picked up on his reluctance to sign the deal off.
    However, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I just hope that the next decision taken is the correct one. In fact, it has to be… VTID

  4. Carl Ziemann says:

    Absolutely the right thing to do. The board had to go and, as they wouldn’t go of their own accord, drastic action had to be taken.
    The old guard said they would stand aside for the right person(s) but time and again they appeared only to be ignored. For me the most critical point in tide-turning was the refusal to negotiate with Mike Newton and then the complete dismissal of Mo Chaudry.
    The final nail in the board’s coffin was the U.S. non £8m deal that was barely £50k in reality.
    However, now we are in administration I do believe firmly that the Supporters’ Club, who have been superb in my opinion, should be applying a great deal of pressure on two fronts: Firstly, to the council and secondly to Bob Young and Co. The council should be applying pressure and demanding an inquest into the handling of the Keith Ryder bid and why Young gave him increasing amounts of leniency with each missed deadline and why Young didn’t open negotiations with other parties once the second deadline was missed.
    In my opinion, Stoke-on-Trent City Council should be seeking to replace Begbies as administrators (if this is possible) and appointing a new team to oversee the administration.
    The SC can play its part in trying to make this happen and should not sit and allow Young to carry on regardless – as seems to be the case.
    Now my choice is for Mo Chaudry to take over the club. His bid wasn’t the highest but why would he increase his bid for a club with less assets and more debt than when he originally bid earlier in the year?
    Whilst acknowledging the SC’s wishes to stay independent, I believe they could have worked with Mr Chaudry on his bid and perhaps advised on possible pitfalls regarding the ground ownership.
    He was local, had the resources, and despite what many believe he did want the club but wasn’t willing to pay over the odds. He didnt become a millionaire by wasting his resources.
    However, that chance is long long gone. Mo has other interests now and sadly we may never see that business plan come to fruition. We are left on a wing and a prayer.
    As a fan I don’t trust a word Bob Young and his team say anymore and it doesn’t sit comfortably with me that there appears to be no urgency on Young’s part to sort the situation quickly.
    From a personal point of view, I would like to say thank you to the SC – Pete Williams, Martin Tideswell, and others. They don’t get paid but put in the hours to try and keep us informed and they take flak along the way.
    We don’t always agree on things or share same views, but were the fans were right to protest.
    Hell yes. And I’m glad we did.

  5. This is hard to answer… at the time it felt like the right thing to do was to try to get the board gone. With hindsight, however, was this the right thing to do? (Look at the mess we are in now!)

    SEO was WRONG and I question if this was used by some as an excuse to stop going altogether as attendances now are dismal. For example, two seasons ago we played Shrewsbury, on a Tuesday night, and we had nearly 10,000 fans there. Now we are struggling to get 5,000. Where are these other 5,000 fans now we really need them?

    Finally, is there any real point in reviewing whether it was the right thing for supporters to do? We are where we are now. The fans need to rally round together and attend all home games in large numbers. If the administrators aren’t going to encourage fans to attend then perhaps the Supporters’ Club should launch a campaign to get an extra 1,000 people through the gate each Saturday?

  6. Sometimes when you are in a bad situation (MOLD) it is necessary to experience even worse (administration) to get to the ultimate goal (hopefully stable ownership with a sound financial base). But once everything is settled (please, before the year-end!) the challenge is going to be to reunite the fans and stop the bickering.

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