Is this the start of something special for entertaining Vale?

There’s a tremendous buzz around Vale Park at the moment – a feeling that maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of something special.
Burslem natives know better than to count their chickens but we’ve made a hugely impressive and encouraging start to the season.
This time last week many of us felt that the next two games would give an indication of just how good this team is.
Well, in my opinion, Tuesday’s win over League One table-toppers Tranmere was this Vale team laying down a marker: There’s no-one they can’t beat at this level.
It remains to be seen whether or not we have the firepower to make a genuine charge for promotion.
But what seems beyond question is that this Micky Adams Vale side is more creative, more positive and more exiting to watch than previous incarnations.
Rather than turning up on match days not knowing what to expect, Vale fans are now going through the turnstiles expecting to be entertained.
At the risk of placing a hex on them, I’ve actually got faith in the goalkeeper and the back four – something which I haven’t had since Goodlad was between the sticks.
A special mention here for last season’s Player of the Year Doug Loft who is once again proving the dictionary definition of versatile.
Going forward it feels to me like any of the midfield or forwards (Shuker, Morsy, Dodds, Vincent and Myrie-Williams) are capable of scoring – which takes some of the pressure off Tom Pope.
Crowds may not yet have reached the 5,000 mark which the administrators indicated were needed for the club to break even but to be fair that’s been, in part, due to the poor following of recent opponents and people being away for the summer holidays.
The average attendance should look much healthier after the Rotherham game and what’s certain is that the crowds are only going to get bigger if we keep on winning.
Micky Adams and his team deserve huge credit for the summer additions to the squad and for fostering what appears to be a decent team spirit in difficult circumstances.
No Vale fans are ignoring the elephant in the room (administration) and it is only right that we keep a watching brief on the bidding process.
The takeover of our club, the police investigation, possible civil action against former directors of the Vale are all still very much on my radar.
But, for now at least, it’s nice to be able to concentrate on the football and to marvel at how strength is sometimes born of adversity.


6 thoughts on “Is this the start of something special for entertaining Vale?

  1. peter johansen says:

    Have to agree, Martin. The football so far, in every game I have seen, has been quality – the best I have seen in years. Fingers crossed we can keep up the momentum. UTV.

  2. Tony Davies says:

    When I was protesting against MOLD, I criticised the fans who were only interested in the football and not the politics but it seems that the product on the pitch is a real winner this season.

  3. Tony Brindley says:

    I feel very optimistic about the Vale’s chances of promotion and am grateful for the work that Micky has done to bring in the new players. A win against Rotherham should see the gate receipts escalating and interested buying parties rushing to get first in the queue with their cheque books.

  4. Mike Lakin says:

    Martin, by far and away the most important signing has been the goalkeeper. He looks and acts like a ‘real’ keeper. He rules his six yard box by coming out confidently.
    I have always believed that the most important player is the goalie. A good keeper is worth up to 10 extra points a season.

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