Pride restored: We’re Port Vale; we’ll score when we want

There have been times in recent years when being a Port Vale fan has been difficult, to say the least.

Supporters of all clubs have their good and bad times but what we’ve been through since 2000 really would test the patience of a saint.

With the exception of one memorable day at the Millennium Stadium it has been more than a decade of disappointment and misery.

We’ve gone from having the beating of our cousins down the A500 to languishing in the lowest tier of English football.

At the same time we’ve had to suffer the gloating of Stoke City fans living the Premier League dream.

We’ve been denied a shot at the play-offs on goal difference and seen promotion hopes dashed when we lost our manager to the club he supported as a boy.

The people running the club abused their positions, misled the fans with tales of spurious investments and took Port Vale the blink of oblivion.

It has been the most humiliating, demoralising and depressing period in the club’s history.

When the likes of Manchester United fans moan because they don’t win a trophy one year I struggle to muster any sympathy because it’s been pretty grim down looking up at the top table.

Mercifully, long-suffering Vale fans finally have something to smile about – irrespective of the fact that the club remains in administration.

Performances this season have been so good – so utterly brilliant at times – that it is actually allowing us to put the club’s precarious position to the back of our minds.

I didn’t think that losing Marc Richards, Sean Rigg and Anthony Griffith in the summer was the end of the world but neither did I think it would lead to a footballing revolution.

To see the Vale playing expansive, attacking football echoes the halcyon days of the early to mid-Nineties and reminds us of when we had Messrs Guppy and McCarthy on the wing.

Putting 11 goals past two of the promotion favourites has laid down a marker for the rest of the division and the sheer quality of the displays has restored some much-needed pride.

So thank you, Micky Adams and the coaching staff. Thank you, lads, for playing with such passion. Thank you too to the administrators for honouring Keith Ryder’s promises to the players he signed.

Port Vale are no longer a League Two embarrassment: They’re the top scorers in England with the top-scoring striker in the country in the form of local lad Tom Pope.

We may change our kit every month and we may not have the smartest toilets at a football stadium, but who cares?

We’re Port Vale, and we’ll score when we want.

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3 thoughts on “Pride restored: We’re Port Vale; we’ll score when we want

  1. peter johansen says:

    Well said, Martin. As you say, let’s forget what may or may not happen and enjoy what is here now. What we have is attractive, flowing football, passion from the players and goals galore. The fans are getting the buzz back and word is spreading. Tuesday night was awesome but so have been many of the other displays. Personally, I cannot wait for Saturday and I hope that the lads, Micky and the staff feel the same. Let’s see if we can add another song to Tuesday night’s collection. It’s a song related to league standings. Can anyone guess what it is?

  2. WOODY from chell heath says:

    Let’s take one thing in to consideration – it’s still early days yet. Let’s hope we can sing from this hymn sheet to towards the end of the season or, even better, get promotion.

  3. Daniel Massey says:

    You have put what every fan is thinking into words perfectly. Forget the past lets get behind them for the future … if we keep at it the future looks bright for this season at least. Lets hope a buyer is found soon and get on with the battle !!!

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