A week to savour as we hope Vale has turned a corner

Even the most one-eyed and cynical fans must be feeling more optimistic about the club’s prospects after the last seven days.

A cracking victory over Oxford in front of a TV audience of millions didn’t half feel good.

It also put breathing space between us and the teams in play-off positions – something which we can hopefully increase tomorrow.

That Vale only played to their potential in patches on Monday night shows that this team is perfectly capable of achieving a promotion berth.

The only thing I can see stopping us being in the top three is our relatively small squad because of the Football League embargo which currently limits us to registering just 20 players.

While we remain in administration, a few injuries and suspensions to key players – like we have at present in central midfield – could well put a spanner in the works.

Of course, if Paul Wildes and Norman Smurthwaite complete their takeover within the next couple of weeks, as seems likely, this won’t be a problem.

Micky Adams will then be able to strengthen the squad as and when he needs to.

What’s more, it turns out that on completion of a takeover the players’ contracts revert to their original terms agreed with the lesser-spotted Keith Ryder.

This means there’s less danger of the Pontiff, Dodds, Neal, Vincent or Myrie-Williams being taken off us for nowt in January.

I spoke to Micky Adams after Tuesday’s press conference where the new preferred bidder was unveiled and I realised then just how remarkable our start to the season has been.

The gaffer told me he hasn’t even had the resources to properly scout other teams before we’ve played them.

That we already have 26 points on the board and have the top scorer in the country is testament to the skill of Adams and his coaching staff and the work ethic of a group of players who, without wanting to sound clichéd, are playing for each other.

No-one is getting carried away with what they heard from and about Messrs Wildes and Smurthwaite on Tuesday but it didn’t set any alarm bells ringing either.

Cautious optimism should be our default setting – secure in the knowledge that the new owners are savvy enough to realise that they must take the fans with them as they plan for Vale’s future.

Personally, I’m excited and hopeful that we’ve finally turned a corner because there’s a huge reservoir of goodwill that new owners will be able to tap into once the all important deal is done.

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One thought on “A week to savour as we hope Vale has turned a corner

  1. peter johansen says:

    My fingers are well and truly crossed in the hope that we are not let down once again. Mr Wildes, you not only have the opportunity to be respected by Vale fans but adored also. UTV. Roll on Saturday.

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