About me

Yours truly with Jonathan Wilkes at Stoke's Top Talent 2012.

Husband. Dad.
Sentinel journalist.
Port Vale supporter.
England cricket team follower.
Indianapolis Colts fan.
Roleplaying gamer/designer.
Winner of the Cthulhu Masters Tournament at Gen Con Indianapolis 2012.
Sci-fi and horror geek.
Frank Sinatra, Bon Jovi and Stone Roses listener.
Archer (recurve bow).
Ghost hunter.
Dog lover.
School governor/volunteer.
Member of the Burslem Association for the Prosecution of Felons.
One-time pantomime star and radio presenter.
Passionate about Stoke-on-Trent, the Staffordshire Hoard, the Staffordshire Regiment and saving our city’s Spitfire – RW 388.
Cancer survivor.


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Jim Doherty. says:

    Martin you tell it as it is these days, proper honest journalism. I criticised you a while back you seemed to be too much in Bill Bratt’s Camp. But i think now you think as a Vale fan and you see the unrest and damage this trio of Bratt, Oliver and Lloyd are creating at this Club. Again thanks for your comments.
    Jim Doherty. Newcastle-under-Lyme

  2. Hi Martin. You are good journalist. What you say about the current board is 100 per cent correct. I will be with you all the way in removing the current board who are looking after their own interests – not Port Vale’s.

    Dave Proctor

  3. Martin, I just came across Chris Ellis article about Stoke 1986. I worked with Chris at The Garden Festival. Do You know whether he is still in Australia or do you have any contact details? Thanks Mark Michelmore

  4. Emma Pearce says:

    I love reading your articles, Martin. Really down to earth and easy reading. You are an admirable writer… not bad for a lad from Holden Lane!

  5. Janice Sadler says:

    I remember you from Wesley Hall Methodist Church – my dad was Captain of the Boys Brigade – Peter Benson. Love reading your column and if you go to Holden Lane’s school reunion on Friday 14 June I will come and say hello. – Janice Sadler

  6. Andrea Harrison (salt) says:

    Stumbled across your site and I have to say I have really enjoyed the read… An old school colleague .. Andrea Salt 🙂

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