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Yours truly at Gen Con UK in 2008.

Yours truly at Gen Con UK in 2008.

I have been a devotee of roleplaying games (RPGs) for 30-odd years now – having discovered Dungeons and Dragons at the age of 11. DnD is still my main focus but my RPG group also dabbles with Call of Cthulhu, Judge Dredd, Outbreak Undead, Regime Diabolique and various other games and systems.

I have attended numerous gaming conventions over the years and will this year (2014) make my second pilgrimage across The Pond to Gen Con Indianapolis…

I won the Red Steel tournament at Gen Con UK at Loughborough in 1997, was a finalist in the DnD Open tournament in Manchester in 2000, won the Cthulhu Masters tournament at Gen Con Indianapolis during my first visit to the States in 2012 and was a finalist in the inaugural Cthulhu Masters UK tournament at UKGamesExpo in Birmingham in 2013.

I have been writing as a correspondent for the Roleplayers’ Chronicle website (www.roleplayerschronicle.com) since 2012 and am currently working on a fantasy fiction novel.

Working closely with Creighton Broadhurst, of Raging Swan Press, I have a number of roleplaying game publications to my name for the Pathfinder RPG system, including:

Villains II
Villains III
Iconic Characters
Scions of Evil
Bard’s Tales II

In addition, I have design and editing credits in a number of other Raging Swan publications including:

Brethren of the Crimson Altar
Fellowship of the Blackened Oak
Half-goblins of the Tangled Wood
Hobgoblins of the Mailed Fist
Kobolds of the Fallen Halls
Lizardfolk of the Dragon Fang
Minotaurs of the Black Hills
Pazuzu’s Fury
Tribes Anthology
Rods of Wonder
Thanegar’s Horde
Caves and Caverns


“That’s why Villains… is so awesome… great writing, deep backgrounds…”
Game Knight Reviews

“The Antipaladins are just simply awesome – each is distinctive and goes beyond “I’m an evil foe!” – They are, quite frankly, top material and all have their merits as villains that make you want to implement them in one’s campaign.”
Endzeitgeist (5 Stars)

“A collection of bardic limericks, poetry, stories, and lore, for giving colour and character to your bard. Bard’s Tales II is great for players who want to portray a bard, but aren’t very good at making up poems and stories on the fly, or for GMs who have the same problem. The cover says Pathfinder, but this material is completely free of system-specific material, and could be easily used with any fantasy RPG…”
William Walton (RPGNow Featured Reviewer)

“The characters herein are interesting in the way that they are not evil because the stat-block says so, but rather because they had to endure terrible upbringings, traumas, etc. There is no NPC herein that doesn’t have at least some kind of saving grace and, essentially, all of them could potentially be saved by the PCs and made into cohorts. They are smart characters that go beyond cardboard cut-out motives.”
Thilo Graf (RPGNow Featured Reviewer)

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