Let’s stop bickering and focus on helping our club

There’s lots of nonsense being talked at the moment about the bidding process and a fair bit of bickering between Port Vale fans.
I wish it would stop and we could all just focus on supporting the team and help them to another couple of wins.
We’re still not mathematically safe and, while it is unlikely that we will be dragged into a relegation scrap, I won’t breathe easily until we can’t go down.
A couple more wins and the Company Voluntary Agreement – which avoids us having to take a points deduction next season – are what’s important right now.
I’ve been very disappointed with the attendances.
Yes, times are tough. Yes, the administrators may have annoyed people by sticking their oars into the match pricing structure. Yes, the football isn’t great.
But if ever a football club needed its fans then it is now at Vale Park.
I’ve heard people say (and seen them post on the internet) that this season is a dead rubber and we have nowt to play for.
On the contrary, I think it is more important than ever that fans do whatever they can to help Port Vale right now.
Whether that is attending games, getting behind the makeshift team, buying merchandise, pledging towards season tickets or donating to the hardship fund – it all helps.
It demonstrates to the city council that they were right to back Port Vale and shows potential buyers that we have a club worth investing in.
Frankly, not ‘being arsed’ – as one person quaintly put it – isn’t good enough. If the other 4,000 who turned up yesterday took that approach then Port Vale would be finished.
Let’s stop the bickering, the point-scoring and the hypothetical discussions which have fragmented our grand alliance which was instrumental in removing the previous, discredited board of directors.
For what it’s worth, my view is that it wouldn’t be right for the Supporters’ Club to endorse any prospective buyer as we won’t be seeing any of the bids.
The administrators and the prospective buyers are all ‘playing the game’ – so to speak.
There may or may not be half a dozen interested parties. Mo Chaudry may or may not be the only show in town.
We just don’t know and thus we should remain critical friends of Port Vale – ready and willing to support the new owner/owners in any way we can while scrutinising their actions and intentions.
You may not agree with me and that’s absolutely fine. Ultimately, it’s not our decision anyway.
To be honest, I’m not bothered who is pro-Mo or who is annoyed with the administrators. I just wish people would put Port Vale first.
Whoever the next owner of our club is (so long as it is not someone connected to previous failed regimes) they should expect – and get – 100 per cent support from the fans.
They will be inheriting a wonderful piece of Potteries heritage and, if run properly, they could soon have a successful business and the gratitude and loyalty of thousands of local people.
In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has attended recent games and bought t-shirts, mugs, money boxes and postcards and thereby donated to the Supporters’ Club’s hardship fund.
Your generosity has been genuinely humbling and reminds us all that Port Vale is a key part of the local community.
Long may that continue to be the case.